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CASE-38-40-PACK-100 Cartridge Case, .38-40 Winchester, unprimed brass, correct head stamp, by Starline, 100 pieces. Price: $29.00

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.38-40 Winchester Guns For Sale GUNS FOR SALE .38-40.

(4490-0320) – .38-40 Winchester $4,000.00: 0 $4,000.00 3d 8h 13m 1. Master List. Menu. CALIBER

Black Hills 250x .38-40 Win. Ammunition 180 Grain Lead FP Bullets in Ammo Can Bk. Hills .38-40 WCF Rifle & Pistol Ammo – .38-40 Winchester $310.00: 39 $310.00 2d 18h 7m.


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38-40 Winchester Revolvers For Sale. Need Help Filtering. Caliber/Gauge: 38-40 Winchester. COMPARE RESET (1) CIMARRON P-MODEL .38/40 $ 512.00 (0) CIMARRON P-MODEL .38.

Find 38-40 Winchester Reloading Dies, and 38-40 Winchester Die Sets for sale here: Get the right 38-40 Winchester Die or 38-40 Winchester Die Set for your press here at Midsouth. We have 38-40 Winchester dies for sale, from great brands like Forster, Hornady, Lee, Lyman, RCBS, and Redding Reloading Products.

38-40 Winchester (1) 38-55 Winchester (1) 41 Remington Magnum (1) 44 Remington Magnum (2) 44-40 Winchester (1) 450 Bushmaster (2) 45-70 Government (4) 5.56mm (6) 5.

description: (this is antique so no ffl is required) winchester 1873 made in 1889 in 38-40 (black powder only) it has a 24 in octagon barrel the gun;is in the brown the wood is in very good condition the bore is bark it has some rifling and some ping but i have been shooting it with black powder loads for $2150 + $50 shipped to you in the lower 48 no sale to ca