What Is A 303 Can

A 303 redirect is a response to an HTTP status code 303, which is also called a "See Other" status code. Experts describe the specific type of redirect as a response to a request for a Unified Resource Identifier (URI) that identifies a real-world object. A 303 redirect may also be called HTTP 303.

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The HTTP response status code 303 See Other is a way to redirect web applications to a new URI, particularly after a HTTP POST has been performed, since RFC 2616 (HTTP 1.1).

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So, in a 303 Can/ tin, the first three represents 3 inches (7 1/2 cm); The final two numbers represent sixteenths of an inch. Dec 22, 2008 · I have an old recipe that calls for a NO. 303 can of fruit cocktail. What size can would that be in ounces? It is used in a great recipe for a fruit cocktail cake that.

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What size can would that be in ounces? It is used in a great recipe for a fruit cocktail cake that is very moist. Thanks for any help on this. Thanks, this is Irene from Texas and decided to make this same Fruit Cocktail Cake and needed to know the amount of ounces in a #303 can.