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25 06 Bullets Bullets lighter than 75 grains are available in .257 caliber, but were designed for the smaller .25-20 Winchester and .25-35 Winchester cartridges and are too lightly constructed for the high velocities of the .25-06. The cartridge has less felt recoil than a 30-06 in a similar weight rifle, due to the lighter weight bullets used.

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Marlin 336 LEVER ACTION RIFLE .30-30 WIN MFG 1954 C&R OK SN# L16718 – .30-30 Winchester $305.00: 41

308 Ammo Forums If there is a downside to the 308, it's that it is TOO useful; for the guy who handloads, owning a 308 makes pretty much all other rifles unnecessary. I don't think I'll sell my 270 just yet, but if I had to start over I think I'd buy a 260 Remington, 308 Winchester and

With rifles from leading brands Henry, Winchester, Rossi and more, we’re sure to carry the lever-action rifle to best help you protect your home—or at least fill out your prized rifle collection. We carry lever-actions in a wide variety of calibers, so whether it’s one chambered in .30-30 Winchester , .357 Magnum or something else, we.

With a rich history dating back to 1895, .30-30 Winchester rifles are iconic for a reason. Light, sturdy and designed with speed of shooting in mind, they’re ideal for everything from hunting to sport shooting.


Marlin 336W 30- 30 Lever Action Rifle ReviewTop 5 Truck Guns – Traditionally a "truck gun.

lever-action rifles that fire pistol cartridges like .38 special, .357 magnum, .44.

This is a NIB Henry Big Boy lever action rifle mod. H009CC chambered in 30/30 caliber. The action is color case hardened and drilled and tapped for a scope mount. The gun has a 20 inch octagon barrel.

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This used Marlin 336W is a lever-action rifle chambered in the .30-30 round. This gun features a 20" barrel and a blued finish. Comes with a hardcase, scope, and manual.

The Guns of John M. Browning – Here he developed his designs for handguns and rifles, including single-shot, lever-action.

in .30-06 Springfield, then.

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SALE: Chinese SKS Type 56 Rifles – $299.99.

Henry H009 30-30 Lever Action Lever 30-30 Winchester 20" 5+1 American Walnut Stock Blued.

Henry 30-30 Steel Rifle.

7.62×39 Reloading Bullets The FMJ bullets found in much of the cheap foreign-made ammo in this caliber should be avoided like the plague. Reloading 7.62×39 ammo for sporting or military? The 7.62×39 can be found chambered in the sleek little CZ 527 bolt action (top) or in any number of foreign surplus SKS carbines (above). Reloading the 7.62×39

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