Surplus Pulled .308 Bullets

Pulled Bullets From Nato Ammo - Hot or NotGerman military surplus from the 1990s. The headstamp has been machined to remove the headstamp markings. Each round was marked on the side of the casing as 308 Win. The bullet is lead core with 'Cupro-Nickel' jackets that make the projectile magnetic.

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.30 Caliber 150 Gr .308 dia FMJBT Bullets From Pull Down. These Bullets Were Air Collet Pulled So They Have No Pull Marks.

Nosler Partition 243 Bullets For Sale Nosler 243 Bullets found in: Nosler Ballistic Tip Hunting Bullets 6mm .243" 90 gr SBT-BTIP 50/ct, Nosler Partition Bullets 6mm .243" 85 gr For quality and affordability, Nosler Partition Bullets are outstanding. Nosler Partition Bullets have a fully tapered jacket designed to explode immediately at. The Partition Bullet (PT) – The Nosler Partition is still

Found some .308 bullets but they are double to 30 06's. Will keep looking. As far as loaded cartreges the lithuainian .308 at aim is the best deal going now I think. They are very good to deal with. But they are still high compared to prices a couple.

best rifle caliber for north america – 505 Gibbs; 600-grain bullets at 2,350 fps and 93 foot pounds.


I was asked if the Smith & Wesson Model 10 AR in .308 would make a good deer rifle, and how accurate was it? My reply was that.

These are pulled .30 caliber 142 grain M62 Tracers (Orange Tip). Bullets may have markings on them from the machine that pulled them. Bag of 100 Unloaded Tracer Bullets.

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I have a friend that was looking for some Armor Piercing rounds for a Mosin. I have some 30-06 AP, so I offered to load some of those bullets in Yugo.

Sellier And Bellot Ammunition 30 30 Leverevolution For Elk Oct 05, 2011  · A 30-30 has probably killed more elk than the trusty (not so for me) 30-06 throughout the years. If he stays within his limits he will be quite fine. And. Jul 19, 2011  · Shooting times has an article on the New Mossberg 30-30 and they use Hornadys

I was hoping pulled ammo still available and maybe cheaper, but seems like this is the best price! Who knows, maybe tomorrow there would be tons of pull surplus M80 flooding the market and Can I load 308WIN with M1 Carbine 110 gr bullet? They are awfully cheap and there are lead bullets out there!