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5.45×39 FMJ military surplus 52gr ammunition 240 rounds Our Price: $59.99 Classic Russian military surplus ammunition in 5.45x39mm, 52gr, 7N6 type, steel core and corrosive primer for your AK-74 or RPK-74 needs.

Backorder – Wolf Military Classic 5.45×39 mm 60-gr. FMJ 750 Rnds – $180.49 $0.24 ppr $180.49 Now available for your range or ranch, Russian military-style Ammo with polymered steel case. 60-grain FMJ bullet.

20 Bullets 30-06 Ballistics 150 Grain Case the rifle and select proper ammunition for the hunt. The trajectory for a 30.06 with a 150-grain bullet at 2,700 feet per second will be two inches high at 100 yards, zero at 200 yards. They sold whatever they had and put the money into outfits, wagons, camp equipment, rifles

RUSSIAN SURPLUS 5.45×39 7N6 FMJ STEEL CORE. Early 1980’s Russian Military Surplus. There is only so much of this in the country (since it is banned from importation by the BATF) and we have a few spam cans left to sell. Featuring a 52 grain steel core bullet, lacquered steel case and berdan primer. 1080 round spam can, 30 rounds per package

5.45×39 5.56×45 6.5 Creedmoor 6.5 Grendel 7.62×39 7.62×51 7.62x54R 8mm Mauser.

AIM Surplus Aimpoint ALG Defense.


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