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The SKS rifle has been a workhorse of former Soviet Bloc nations, and those they have sent military aid to for decades. It still remains in ceremonial use in several countries, and others still hold it for reserve or militia issue. SKS rifles can still be found in regular use in conflict zones around the world.

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Despite its limited impact on World War II battlefields, the Sturmgewehr is already legendary for being the first successful,

On this rainy day we took out the Russian Simonov SKS for a quick Range Day overview! SKS Long Range 600 Yards – Open Sights – Продолжительность: 10:08 Precision Rifle Network 69 571 просмотр.

Shooting a Russian SKS 7.62×39 out to 600 yards accurately. Something about those brownies! Watch for the amazing bullet trace in this video! These rifles.

Feb 10, 2015 · For example, the OP's SKS #3 with the Drag stock, scope, and bipod. The SKS was never meant to be scoped and most SKS scope mounts won't hold zero. The long range ballistics of 7.62×39 aren't too good anyways so you got something configured like a DMR along the lines of an SVD or PSL but nowhere near the function.


Exploded View: SKS Carbine – Named Samozaryadnyj Karabin Simonova, or Simonov self-loading carbine, the SKS was designed by Sergei Simonov. It was adapted from his previous work with the AVS-36 semi-automatic rifle and the.

Surplus Chinese SKS Rifle ReviewThe best scope for SKS is a lightweight and well-rounded fast and lightweight scope. The hardest part is narrowing down the choices, here's the best 5. Quite the contrary comma mounting up a magnified object to your SKS is going to be one of the single best upgrades you can make to your rifle.

The SKS rifle fires 7.62×39 ammunition from a 10 round box magazine, but detachable high cap mags are inexpensive and very easy to obtain. These are C & R Eligible When we first started in business in the late '80s, we sold thousands of Chinese SKS rifles, and as such, I have a soft spot for them. They will always be my favorite.

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A very nice Russian SKS RIfle in caliber 7.62×39 with an aftermarket sporter stock, and 55 round detachable magazine.

Serial numbers range from B-715661 to B.

Rifle used in Dallas Ambush was a common SKS; not Assault Rifle or “Assault Weapon” – Arizona –-( The rifle used by the Dallas sniper was an antique East Block rifle designed in the 1940’s, an SKS. The SKS was considered obsolete by the Soviet military in 1956, 60 years.

The SKS rifle, above, compared to a top-grade AR-15 rifle. The author respectfully submits that the SKS is a better hunting rifle. It is also much less These rifles were once sold for a pittance at less than $200. The price has crept up a bit, but the value remains because the SKS is a great brush gun.

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Jan 12, 2017 · J&G Sales has uncovered some Yugo SKS's that are modified M59/66's. These arsenal refinished Yugoslavian SKS rifles are in factory new condition. I picked one up and bring you along for my first.

Dragunov Style Rifles – The Straight Facts – Chris Berg: I would say 95 percent of the rifle’s popularity is due to their appearance. The SVD looks like the Devil’s own rifle, and not many other rifle designs will attract as much attention at.

The SKS is easily field stripped and reassembled without specialized tools and the trigger group and magazine can be removed with an unfired cartridge, or with the receiver cover. The rifle has a cleaning kit stored in a trapdoor in the buttstock, with a cleaning rod running under the barrel, in the same style as the AK-47.

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A SKS is a fun rifle to shoot. I have a Russian pre 1954 SKS with removable magazines, one of Fienstiens's favorite guns to hate. And a Chinese SKS with a 10 rounds internal magazine. The gun your looking at can be bought for $250. to $300 at most gun shows. If it neeeds a stock refinished and is missing a bayonet, $250.00 would be a fair price.

Russian SKS Rifle – Range Day Review – YouTube. Serial numbers range from B-715661 to B.

1954 Tula Arsenal Russian SKS rifle chambered in 7.

Chinese made SKS in very good condition.

Your complete source for SKS Rifle parts and accessories, sks assault rifle stocks and SKS parts for sale. We offer best sks aftermarket stocks and tactical scope The SKS is a Soviet semi-automatic carbine assault rifle chambered in 7.62×39mm round, designed in 1943 by Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov.

which was used in the Nazi infantry’s K98 rifles. The cartridges size made it an intermediate round and is obviously more powerful and has greater range than pistol rounds. It’s receiver was made of.

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