Ak Crate

Nov 28, 2015 - Explore Terry Parrish's board "Ak Crate" on Pinterest. See more ideas about crates, ammo box, crate coffee table. Apr 02, 2022 … [Continue reading]

350 Rem Mag Ammo

Dude, the 6.5 Creedmoor Sucks! – But if you’re a serious long-range shooter, you don’t care about its factory form because you are shooting a custom rifle and loading your own ammo. 264 Win Mag (1959) 260 Remington. 35 remington. 35 whelen. 350 … [Continue reading]

7.62 Ammunition Specification

Next Dynamics, Inc. Demonstrates Significant Ballistics Improvements in Successful Testing of its 7.62 Caliber Nemesis Ammunition – With its Nemesis ammunition considerably outperforming competitor rounds of the same caliber in testing, Next Dynamics … [Continue reading]

.17 Remington Fireball

The new .17 Fireball boasts an advertised muzzle velocity (MV) of 4000 fps and a 300 yard velocity of 2360 fps with a 20 grain AccuTip-V varmint bullet. The muzzle energy (ME) of the 20 grain bullet is 710 ft. lbs. and at 300 yards the remaining … [Continue reading]

458 Express

The .458 Express is a .458 diameter (caliber) cartridge developed in South Africa. It is also referred to as the .458 3-inch. It is also referred to as the .458 3-inch. Other .458 cartridges are the very popular .458 Lott , .458 Winchester Magnum and … [Continue reading]

Effective Range Of 243

The range for a 100 grain .243 bullet The way to judge the ethical maximum killing range is to know at what distance you can guarantee that your bullet will land within a couple of inches of your aim point. That is, the range at which the rifle will … [Continue reading]

5.56 Bullet Wound Pictures

Jun 30, 2010 · June 23: A new round replaces the current M855 5.56mm cartridge that has been used by U.S. troops since the early 1980s. The M855A1 offers a number of significant enhancements: improved hard target capability, increased dependability, … [Continue reading]

700 Nitro Express Rifle For Sale

Sep 11, 2021 · Auction Date: September 11, 2021 Estimated Price: $ 55,000 - $ 85,000 Price Realized: Details Magnificent Engraved & Gold Inlaid J. & L. Wilkins .700 (Nitro Express) Double Barrel Sidelock Ejector Dangerous Game Rifle with Case … [Continue reading]

.50 Caliber Rounds

Recognizing those who served: Caliber celebrates Veterans year-round – Caliber contributes to meet the needs of veterans year-round through its Restoring You. nearly 500 NABC Recycled Rides®, with more than 50 vehicles gifted this year. To show … [Continue reading]

Best 243 Ammo For Hogs

The vibe has been a little different this week. But it's following along in the usual way the Hogs go under Musselman. Finishing hot is much more than starting that way. "We knew this was going to. Feb 25, 2012 · A .243 in a non varmint loading … [Continue reading]