The 6.5mm Grendel (6.5×39mm) is an intermediate cartridge designed by Arne Brennan, Bill Alexander and Janne Pohjoispää as a low-recoil, high-accuracy cartridge specifically for the AR-15 platform at medium/long range (200–800 … [Continue reading]

6mm Remington Brass In Stock

Originally dubbed the 244 Remington, the first production rifles chambered for this cartridge were equipped with 1-12” twist barrels. The combination proved to be less popular than Remington expected, and was soon reintroduced as the 6mm … [Continue reading]

Wolf 308 Ammo Price

WOLF Performance Ammunition continues to be the leader in top-quality ammunition at an affordable price. WOLF is the only ammunition company that provides a 100% Performance Guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied WOLF will refund your money on the … [Continue reading]

Mosin Nagant Crate Sale

Does anyone know where you can buy 20 Mosin Nagants still with the crate and all accessories? Most people like classicarms wont ship you the whole crate. Guess it costs a bit to ship something like that. Gun And Ammo Sales Cheaper Than Dirt! is your … [Continue reading]

Hxp Ammo

Jul 13, 2016 · This is of Greek Manufacture. HXP is the factory denominator they seem to use on off-shore contracts. There is .30-06 and .45 Auto with the same headstamp, made on offshore contract for the U.S. Navy, or at least, that is the … [Continue reading]

Hpbt Ammo

New Items, New Ammunition, and a New Employee! – Introducing the most recent addition to our Creedmoor Ammunition line, Match Grade .223. Our own Creedmoor brass is combined with Hornady's 68 gr HPBT, CCI primers, and St. Marks powder to … [Continue reading]

Gun And Ammo Sales

Cheaper Than Dirt! is your one-stop shop for ammunition. Find single boxes and bulk ammo from top brands like CCI, Federal, Hornady, Tula and Winchester.From handgun and rifle ammunition to rimfire, subsonic and shotgun ammo, we have it all. Ammo. … [Continue reading]

30 30 Rifle Bullet

But gun control advocates argue the proposal would lead to dangerous unintended consequences. "Trained police hit their targets less than 30 percent of the time, yet the @NRA wants to arm volunteer. Create a federal licensing system for the … [Continue reading]

30-30 Winchester

FREE 2-Day Shipping Electronics & Office Movies, Music & Books Home, Furniture & Appliances Home Improvement & Patio Clothing, Shoes & Accessories Baby Toys, Games, and Video Games Food, Household & Pets Pharmacy, Health & … [Continue reading]

Black Hills 308 Ammo 175

Loved by shooters in the line of duty, in competitive circuits, or simply looking for the next trophy buck, Black Hills ammunition is designed from the ground up to provide you with optimum results. This is a 20 round box of new manufactured .308 … [Continue reading]