Mk319 Mod 0

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Federal Nosler Partition 270 The Nosler Partition was the first bullet loaded in the Federal Premium line, and it continues to be a standard for consistency and reliability. Its partitioned lead core allows the front half of the bullet to mushroom on impact, but keeps the back half intact for deep penetration. Jun 26, 2017 · My son shot

Federal 7.62x51mm NATO MK319 MOD 0 SOST (Special Operations Science and Technology) ammunition with a 130 grain "barrier blind" open tip match bullet is a New military projectile developed from technology utilized in current law enforcement projectiles.

So its almost time for our hunt and the day was nice.

good excuse to go the range and sight in the five ar's we are taking to hunt with.

.the mk319 mod 0 had me chompin at the bit.


.daaaamn the three 308's I took loved this stuff at 100yds.

just went to the range 10 mins from the home didnt go out to the long range fifty miles away.

.this mk 319 is some snappy stuff and is accurate out.

556 Vs 30-06 Jun 24, 2018 · Ballistics. The science of projectiles and firearms, or in other words, the info you need to make the kill! If you are looking for the 270 vs 308 vs 30 06 ballistics chart, the 5.56 trajectory chart, the 300 Win Mag Ballistics data, or the 30 06 trajectory chart; you are

Federal 7.62x51mm Nato T762TNB1 MK319 Mod 0 SOST 130 gr Open Tip Match 20 per box. T762TNB1,T762TNB1BRICK,T762TNB1CASE,T762TNB1X. Federal 7.62x51mm Nato T762TNB1 MK319 Mod 0 SOST 130 gr Open Tip Match 20 per box

The new 7.62mm Mk 319 Mod 0 cartridge is spec'd to fire a 130 grain OTM bullet at 2925 fps from a 16 inch barrel, while the 5.56mm Mk 319 Mod 0 uses a 62 gr OTM bullet also at 2925 fps from a 14 inch barrel. From the pictures the 5.56 bullet is boattailed while the 7.62mm is flat base, but no ballistic coefficient numbers were given.

Cartridge, caliber 7.62mm, NATO, ball, barrier, T762TNB1 MK319 MOD 0 (United States): 7.62×51mm NATO enhance behind barrier performance enhance function and casualty and muzzle flash requirements in short barrel carbines, 130 grains (8.4 g). Department of Defense Identification Codes (DODIC)

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This new SOST round designated as MK319 MOD-0 the round was designed as a barrier defeating round with superior penetration and better ballistic stability when shooting through glass, car doors and other barriers where other rounds simply bounce off.