Mk318 Ammo

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Designated as MK318 MOD-0 the round was designed as a barrier defeating round with superior penetration and better ballistic stability when shooting through glass, car doors and other barriers where other rounds simply bounce off.

Jan 10, 2018 · Next up for the Big Freakin’ Cartridge Test is Federal’s T556TNB1 load, which is the civilian market name for the Mk.318 SOST projectile developed by US SOCOM as a “barrier blind” round for the M4 Carbine and Mk. 18 CQB upper receiver.

5.56 62GR Federal Tactical Bonded (XM556SBCT3), Federal 62 grain Bonded Softpoint FBI Equivalent Load; per the manufacturer, this is the same round as XM556FBIT3, it was given a different SKU # for non-FBI contracts. This ammo is one of the most advanced designs for personal protection or law enforcement.

5.56 62GR Federal Lake City – Enhanced MK318 Mod 1 SOST OTM"Silver Bullet" Non-Lead (T556TNB1NL) was designed for the USMC, as a supplemental round to the M855 green tip, after an issue was identified with the M855 round. The MK318 utilizes a 62 grain, open tip boattail match reverse copper bullet with a nickel jacket "Silver Bullet"(None Lead).

MK318 Mod 0 (Federal T556TNB1) By: MOLON. One version of MK318 Mod 0 that is now available to the general public is being sold as Federal "white box" T556TNB1. The SOST projectile loaded in the MK318 Mod 0 cartridge has a nominal weight of 62 grains and a nominal length of 0.87”.


Federal Lake City ammo is packaged in a box of 20 rounds or a case of 500 rounds with free shipping available on bulk orders. Federal Lake City 5.56x45mm MK318 is heavy duty ammo originally designed for the United States Marine Corps to deliver more terminal effects than M855 Green Tip rounds.

As the issue of environmentally friendly ammo grew, the Marines looked to see if the Mk318's lead could be replaced while still meeting specifications. They found that by replacing the lead with copper and slightly stretching the jacket around to crimp the nose even more, the bullet's ballistic coefficient increased.