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Introducing A Child To A Deer Rifle – 7×57 Mauser and 7mm-08 Rem. You can make any of these cartridges gentler.

308 and .30/30. Remington’s .30/30 Managed Recoil load, which launches a 125-grain bullet at 1,313 fps, is as tame as a.

Remington’s Big Seven – but with about the same level of recoil.

08 Rem. might not be with us today. A friend of mine recently placed an order for an expensive custom rifle built on a G33/40 action. It will be chambered.

I'd get the 7mm-08 and start out with Remington's Managed Recoil load.* It's a 140gr bullet that's moving about 500fps slower than the standard load. For comparison the MR's 140 grainer is listed at 90fps slower than their 150gr 30-30 load. The advantage of this path is that as a deer rifle the 7-08 has a lot more upside to it than the .243 IMO.

Released in 1980, the 7mm-08 Remington would go on to be considered not only an excellent target cartridge, but one of the best deer cartridges ever conceived. The 7mm-08 uses the same shoulder angle as its parent cartridge (20 degrees) to assure both smooth feeding and good headspacing from the rimless cartridge.


I have and use a 7 1/4lb scoped Rifle with sling in 7mm/08 it’s that cold barrel shot that makes all.

308 a big kicker, but YMMV, and you can get "Managed Recoil" loads to reduce the recoil further.

Remington’s Managed-Recoil centerfire ammunition is available in nine popular, big game calibers: 260 Remington, 7mm-08 Remington, 270 Win, 30-30 Win, 30-06 Sprg, 300 Win Mag, 308 Win, 7mm Remington.

Got myself into a jam. Got my soon to be 8 year old a youth sized 7mm-08 for his upcoming birthday. He shoots a .243 that a friend loaned us just fine, but I think that's about max for him, so, I got the 7mm-08 with the plan on having use the Managed Recoil rounds that Remington makes in 7mm-08.

Remington’s Model 700: The First 50 Years – 7 mm-08 Rem., 7 mm Rem. Mag., 7 mm STW and.

The decision was then made to replace those barrels, but before the job was completed a few of those rifles managed to escape from the factory. Then came.

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Remington's Managed-Recoil Ammunition delivers proven hunting performance out to 200 yards with half the felt recoil of normal ammunition. Less recoil means sighting-in at the range becomes a more enjoyable experience and second shot recovery is quicker, so the shooter can get back on target more easily.

The Best Shotguns, Rifles, And Bows For Women? – pair the rifled deer barrel with Remington’s Managed-Recoil Buckhammer slugs. $543; 800-243-9700; Rifles By David E. Petzal 1. Remington Model Seven Youth Rifle in 7mm/08 or .260 If.

For antelope on the open sage flats, whitetail in the riverine tangles, and mule deer and elk in the alpine country I pack either a 7mm-08 Remington.

and Remington (Managed-Recoil) each market a.

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Soft-shooting 7-08 tops for deer rifles Reduced recoil loads popular for smaller shooters Check out this story on

Managed recoil 7mm-08 availability. Registered Users do not see the above ad. I am searching online in vain for somwhere to buy Remingto Managed Recoil 7mm-08, 140-grain bullets. Nobody seems to have it. Has anyone else seen it for sale, and where? Many thanks!

Savage 7mm-08 with Remington Managed Recoil loadsOne of the greatest traps regarding the 7mm08 has been a range of lightweight rifle designs that produce often intolerable recoil, recoil similar to that of a standard weight .300 Magnum. A large number of hunters are currently ‘enduring’ the recoil of the 7mm08 without knowing that what they are experiencing is unnecessary.

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He's telling me that the 7mm-08 recoils as hard as anything he owns. Enough so that he got a 243 WSSM for deer hunting to escape the I've run the 7mm data through a recoil calculator and looked it up on Chuck Hawk's recoil table.

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7mm-08 in with a 140 gr. bullet is very close to the .270 in ballistics. Its just about the perfect deer Also, in 7mm-08 I use a 130grain in a Speer Hot Core SP with 46 grains of Varget estimated at 14.6 Have a good recoild pad installed (Limbsaver) Use Managed Recoil Ammo from remington, that will.

Considering the 7mm08 because we can swap from managed recoil to full strength down the road. Hunting open fields a good bit and when he gets older may want to start making longer shots. Also, more knockdown power with 7mm08.

March Madness: The Sweet 16 of Long-Range Deer Cartridges: Division II – After more than 3,500 votes per matchup, the Division I Elite Eight cartridges are settled: The 7mm Remington Magnum obliterated.

plenty of downrange energy and a level of recoil easily managed by.

Mar Mar shooting some new loads for her Savage 7mm-08 Model 10/100.