How Much Does A 243 Bullet Drop

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And, if you range a deer to be at 250 yards (which is a shot at a trophy buck most of us would take in a heartbeat with a .308), and he's actually at 300 yards, you won't even touch a hair, even if you've got your aim solidly placed for the 250-yard distance, because traveling that additional 50 yards from 250 to 300, the bullet is going to drop yet another six and a quarter inches.

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With a 32-inch, tightly choked barrel and three inches of drop at the heel.

The polymer stock is much like those on similarly inexpensive rifles, as is the polymer magazine.

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400 yards A 243 has an effective kill range of just under 300 yards. This distance will change some depending on the bullet grain you choose. Over coming the trajectory and lost bullet energy.

Jul 18, 2012 · The Ballistic Coefficient for the .243 Winchester 95gr is 0.40 (in this example). This bullet really performs well up to 200, 250, and even 300 yards having a drop of just 2.7" (2 and 1 half inches) at the 200 yard mark. Create Your Free Custom Ballistic Report. A A .243 Winchester, Winchester Ballistic Silvertip, 95gr

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This is no fault of the Scirocco bullet but simply a limiting factor of the .243 which can only deliver so much energy. The 95 grain Accutip at 3120fps for a realistic 3050fps is a truly excellent all-round load for the .243.

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The .243 is a smaller bullet and so has less of a drop, but still much more of a punch than something like .223. So for persons looking for some happy medium between the .223 and the .308 in a caliber that is popular enough that most ammo stores carry it.

the .243 just may be the round you are looking for.

Re: .243 Drop by Fujix » Tue Oct 06, 2015 11:42 pm alan j wrote: i just checked the box of super x it has a ballistics table on the back. 3350 muzzle 100yd +1.3 gives a 200 yd 0 so my mistake i thought it was +1 inch at 100 for a 200 zero.

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On the Setpoint Ammunition website you can choose the bullet, case, powder, powder weight and seating depth that best perform for you and your rifle, rather than.

Use this ballistic calculator in order to calculate the flight path of a bullet given the shooting parameters that meet your conditions. This calculator will produce a ballistic trajectory chart that shows the bullet drop, bullet energy, windage, and velocity. It will a produce a line graph showing the bullet drop and flight path of the bullet.

Oct 13, 2015 · In fact the bullet drop and performance is about the same as for the .223 round fired from a carbine, but of course the .308 has a lot more energy. This energy has the advantage at longer distances and the .308 doesn’t drop as far as the .223 past 500 yards.

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.243 sighted dead on @100yards i just finished sighting in my .243 to be dead on at 100yards with rem corelockt 100grain. my question is: given the 100yard zero, will the bullet drop much at 200yards? i was told that i should be able to aim at the top of the spine and drop a deer out to 300 yards with my zero.