Hornady 260 Remington

257 roberts deer killer – .257 Roberts. An old cartridge, and one of the greats. Considerably more powerful than the .250 Savage, but its recoil is still negligible. It comes in 100- and 120-grain loadings, and the latter.

In a move to catch up with the next generation of shooters, Big Green has taken on technology from TrackingPoint to develop the Remington 2020 Digital Optic system. The heart of the system is a.

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Used 30 30 Lever Action Rifle For Sale 25 06 Bullets Bullets lighter than 75 grains are available in .257 caliber, but were designed for the smaller .25-20 Winchester and .25-35 Winchester cartridges and are too lightly constructed for the high velocities of the .25-06. The cartridge has less felt recoil than a 30-06 in a similar weight rifle, due to the lighter

.260 Remington Load Development Part 1 (X-Caliber barrel) Hornady 140 BTHP - Extreme PrecisionI have tried different primers in the 260 but rem 9 1/2 has usually worked the best for me. Below is a pic of my 2 260 rem's.The bottom is a rem BDL and the top is a savage action with a 260,8twist shelin barrel at 26 in. Thanks again for the 4831 load every group I have shot with it at 300 yds has been less than an inch.One was a one holer.

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.260 loads with Hornady 143gn eld-x bullets by Elmer » Wed Aug 16, 2017 12:29 pm Hi folks, Iam interested in working up some loads for my .260rem using Hornady 143gn eld-x bullets but cannot seem to find much data on loads.

After more than 3,500 votes per matchup, the Division I Elite Eight cartridges are settled: The 7mm Remington Magnum obliterated the .260 Remington; the .30- 06 predictably crushed the.

308 Ammo Forums If there is a downside to the 308, it's that it is TOO useful; for the guy who handloads, owning a 308 makes pretty much all other rifles unnecessary. I don't think I'll sell my 270 just yet, but if I had to start over I think I'd buy a 260 Remington, 308 Winchester and

Guns & Loads – Knowing that the success of any new cartridge hinges on readily available ammunition, Bushmaster went to Hornady.

with the Remington 250-grain CoreLokt SP or the radical 260-grain AccuTip.

Let’s take a look at this fifth member of the .308 Win family of cartridges and see what it has to offer. Seeing as how the .260 is a Remington-developed cartridge, they offer it in four flavors, one in 120 grain and the three 140s. One of those is in Remington’s Managed Recoil line, so there’s really just three full-power loads.

I even used them in my 6.5 jap with good results .That was my kids rifle before I got the 260 Remington.I have only used necked down 308 brass in my 260 so far .I like the 26 win mag but it kicks way to hard for kids .I like the 260 way better than the 243 Winchester also .These 155 grain lapua bullets should make it hit way harder than The 140 grain bullets .

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7.62×39 Reloading Bullets The FMJ bullets found in much of the cheap foreign-made ammo in this caliber should be avoided like the plague. Reloading 7.62×39 ammo for sporting or military? The 7.62×39 can be found chambered in the sleek little CZ 527 bolt action (top) or in any number of foreign surplus SKS carbines (above). Reloading the 7.62×39