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Remington Freedom Bucket 223 REM 55 GR 300 RDS (23897) #VN4131 Lax Ammunition

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79.99 USD. Remington UMC, the name American's trust. For the last 150 years, the Union Metallic Cartridge Company's name has been synonymous with innovation and quality.

The 5.56×45mm NATO (official NATO nomenclature 5.56 NATO) is an intermediate cartridge developed in the United States and originally chambered in the M16 rifle.

Overview of the Freedom Bucket. UMC Centerfire Rifle Cartridges. 55 Grain full metal jacket (223 Remington) 120 Grain full metal jacket (300 AAC Blackout)

.223 AE green box and Remington UMC Blackout bucketFor more than 200 years, Remington firearms have been forged from the untamed spirit that will always define the American spirit — Revolutionizing an industry. Building a nation. This is Remington

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The Freedom Bucket comes with 300 rounds of .223 Remington rifle ammo, loaded with 55-grain full metal jacket (FMJ) bullets, designed to cycle flawlessly in modern semi-auto rifles, as well as bolt-actions. UMC .223 ammo features reloadable brass cases, Kleanbore® primers, and clean burning powder.

17 Hornet Bullet Out with my .17 Hornet for the last 2 evenings, stayed in to edit footage and reload some of my magic 25 grain recipe. Rabbits, pigeons and a crow are taken. 17 Hornet Bullets. There are no products matching the selection. The .17 Hornet is a high-velocity centerfire cartridge based on a necked-down .22 Hornet

Remington's® Freedom Bucket is ideal for target practice and high volume shooting. It contains 300 rounds of UMC 223 Remington centrefire rifle catridges (measured by weight) with a.

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For target shooting, training exercises, varmint hunting, or any high-volume shooting situation, the Freedom Bucket of Remington UMC Centerfire Rifle Ammo offers a great value without any compromise in quality or performance.

Remington 223 UMC 55GR FMJ Rifle Ammo – Freedom Bucket 300RD -This Remington load features a 55 Grain Full Metal Jacket bullet which travels at 3240 fps and comes in a 300 round Bucket of Freedom! Remington UMC ammo is brand new production ammunition which features reloadable brass cases and non corrosive primers.

Practice your aim and precision with the Remington UMC 9mm Brass 115-Grain Pistol Target Ammunition Bucket, which features brass casings for reliable feed and function. The ammunition is intended for target shooting. 350 rounds.

Xm68gd Federal XM68GD is one of the most sought after configurations for 6.8 SPC and boasts incredible terminal performance on hogs and deer! Each cartridge is topped by a 90 grain, bonded Gold Dot projectile (of Speer's shared technology) with an exposed lead tip. This is 6.8 SPC Federal XM68GD 90gr. Bonded Soft Point Ammo. These
Prvi Partizan 7.62×39 Prvi Partizan 7.62x39mm Russian ammo is new production, non corrosive, reloadable, and features brass casings and Boxer primers. Since 1928, Prvi Partizan has been manufacturing custom ammunition in Serbia for those shooters seeking experience in competition, indoor ranges. Prvi Partizan 7.62x39Products from Prvi Partizan 7.62×39 for sale at Tombstone Tactical. We stock the full line