Federal Fusion 270 Wsm

28.39 USD. Federal Fusion, 270WSM, 150 Grain, Boat Tail F270WSMFS1.

Oct 28, 2015  · Three Vapor Trail Deer Kills With The .270 – Duration: 18:27. Michael Lawer 92,049 views

33.99 USD. MFR # FS270WSMFS1Fusion 270 WSM 150grFusion. It's like nothing you've experienced before.

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284 Winchester By Pete Petros-Lead Reloading Technician, Sinclair International. After hearing about great results that shooters have been having with the original .284 Winchester I decided to re-barrel and chamber my factory Savage F-Class 6.5mm X .284 after 1200 rounds of ¼ MOA accuracy had opened up a bit. BOTTOM LINE: Boston will try to extend its


Winchester Super-X Power-Point 270 WSM 150 Grain Pointed Soft Point 20 Rounds X270WSM Case of 200 (price reflects 5% bulk discount)

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Federal Ammo Fusion 270 WSM Fusion 150 Grain [F270WSMFS1] – Ammo Freedom carries federal ammunition and centerfire rifle rounds. Find federal 270 winchester short magnum ammo for sale online, in-stock and ready-to-ship at AmmoFreedom.com

Designed specifically for deer, Federal Premium Fusion Rifle Ammo utilizes a special construction process to deliver superior bullet integrity and performance. Electrochemically joining a pure copper jacket to an extreme pressure-formed lead core for an inseperable bond, the Fusion bullet delivers high terminal energy, mass-weight retention and optimum expansion. 20 rounds per box.

Federal Fusion .270 Winchester test.Jun 02, 2012  · 150gr Federal Fusion in .270 Winchester fired from 70 yards into wet pack and water jugs. I was out comparing a few popular hunting loads today, be sure to watch the other videos. Excellent.

Federal loads for the .270 WSM include the 130 grain American Eagle (formally Hi-Shok) bullet at 3250fps, the 130 grain Ballistic Tip at 3300fps, the 130 grain TSX at 3280fps, the 130 grain Partition at 3280fps, the 140 grain Accubond at 3200fps, the 140 grain Trophy Bonded Bear Claw at 3200fps, the 150 grain partition at 3160fp and finally, the 150 grain Fusion load at 3080fps.

Key Features. Caliber: .270 Winchester Short Magnum. Bullet Weight: 150 grain. Caliber: .270 Winchester Short Magnum. Bullet Weight: 150 grain. Bullet Style: Spitzer Boat Tail. Rated 5 out of 5 by LouieJr from Bang their dead I have killed two deer using the fusion 130 gr in the .270 WSM.

Ammo: Federal .270 WSM Fusion Box of 20 for sale. www.sportsmansguide.com. Federal Fusion, .270 Winchester Short Magnum, SPTZ BT, 150.

Ammo .270 WSM Winchester Supreme Ballistic Silvertip 150 Grain 3120 fps 20 Round.

Ammo .270 WSM Winchester Supreme Ballistic Silvert.

Our Low Price $42.06 Federal Premium Berger Hybrid Hunter .270 WSM Ammunition 20 Rounds 140 Grain Ber.

Federal Premium Berger Hybrid Hunter .270 WSM Ammu.

33.99 USD. Fusion bullets provide a combination of expansion and strength. Copper jacket is deposited and fused to the core one molecule at a time for total integrity. Tip and base are pressure formed to specifications optimizing terminal performance. Skived tip for unmatched combination of.