Federal 168gr Gold Medal Match

In this episode, I try out my Savage 110 LA .308 Winchester with some 168 grain Sierra Match King rounds from Federal. I must say that, after 6 rounds, the.

Col. Parks’ findings became U.S. Navy policy, authorizing the combat employment of Federal’s 168-gr. Gold Medal Match round, officially designated the M852 Open Tip Match (OTM) cartridge. Hardly.

Caliber: 308 Win Load: Federal Gold Medal Match (GM308M) Bullet: Sierra Match King 168gr Muzzle Velocity: 2650 fps Units: Yards Max Range on Card: 1100 Yards Zero Range for Mil BDC: 300 Yards.

Federal’s Gold Medal Match 168-grain boat-tail hollow point bullet is the renowned Sierra MatchKing. This projectile has been used the world over to help win countless long-range matches. This round screams through the air at 2,650 fps out of the muzzle (energy is 2,619 foot pounds) and boasts a ballistic coefficient of just 0.462.

Initial offerings will be Nosler’s 55gr Trophy Grade (MV 3500 fps 24” / MV 3350 fps 18”) and their 77gr Match Grade (MV 3100 fps 24” / MV 2950 fps 18”). This new long-range offering is Federal.



Reloading 270 Winchester Reloading a quick 10 rounds for the weekends attempt at 1000 yards! Hope you enjoy! Henry Single Shot Rifle in 243 Winchester: Gun Review ~ VIDEO – Terril reviews the Henry’s Single Shot Rifle in 243 WIN. USA –-(AmmoLand.com)- Henry Repeating Arms. brass from the chamber for you to pluck it out with your fingers

Looking for Match Grade 308 Win Ammo for competitions? Look no further than Federal Premium's Gold Medal Sierra Match King 308 Win 168 gr HPBT ammo. Many shooting experts consider this the most accurate match round available from a factory. Federal utilizes their Sierra MatchKing Boat-tail bullet to provide extreme accuracy.

Cheaper Than Dirt 223 Bullets For those of you unfamiliar with the cartridge, HERE is a blog post from Cheaper Than Dirt about the round’s history and capabilities. I shot that gun a lot, even though the price tag for a box of. A lightning-fast response from nearby officers prevented a far higher toll: When police shot him dead, the

7-inch groups from it with match ammo from Federal.

for me with 168-gr. match bullets. It is chambered in .30/06 and is a new action size from Anschutz that has been many years in the making—the.

SABER M700 Sport-TAC Takes on Montana Big Game Hunting – we could really test the Sport-TAC’s performance with Federal’s Edge TLR 175gr for hunting and Federal Gold Medal Match 168gr BTHP for long range target shooting. The barreled action is a hand select.

Sportsman's Warehouse in Mesa, AZ has it in stock for 27.99 a box. Not a terrible price and actually in stock. 5% discount for MIL/LEO obviously.

Federal Gold Medal 308 Winchester ammunition is new production ammo that features a 168 Grain Sierra MatchKing Hollow Point Boat Tail bullet, a non corrosive Question:Can Federal Gold Medal .308 Winchester 168 grain Sierra Match King Hollow Point be used for game hunting for deer or elk?

I can say that over the years dating back to the early 80's, I've not seen a more accurate ACROSS THE COUNTER ammo than .308 Federal Gold Match 168gr Ammo that produces the best results in a variety of different brands of rifles.

18.99 USD. Federal Premium Gold Medal .308 Winchester 168 Grain Sierra Match King Boat Tail Hollow Point- 20 Rounds. These heralded loads combine the legendary Sierra® MatchKing® Boat-tail bullet with Federal's proprietary delivery system.

Federal Premium .308 Winchester Gold Medal Match is tailor-made for long-range precision shooters looking for the ultimate in an accurate, precise cartridge. Federal Premium .308 Winchester Gold Medal Match drives a Sierra MatchKing projectile right where the shooter wants it, due to the incredible consistency in the bullet's construction.

Federal Gold Medal Match 308 Winchester Ammo offers a muzzle velocity of 2650 feet per second and a muzzle velocity of 2619 foot lbs. Federal Premium Gold Medal 30.06 Springfield 168 Grain Sierra Match King Hollow Point Boat Tail – 200 Round Case. Long range isn't just a distance.

Sierra MatchKing 308 ammo with Federal creates the most accurate match round available from a factory. Shoot consistently with accuracy today! Stringent manufacturing controls give you what many experts and international shooters consider the most accurate match round available from a factory.

As the decades passed, Federal Premium products were introduced in a shotshell, rimfire, reloading and muzzleloading categories—including game-changers like Black Cloud, Prairie Storm, HEAVYWEIGHT TSS.

Brownells also provided the Federal, 308 Winchester Gold Medal 168 Grain MatchKing BTHP. Review of test protocol. Ballistic data was gathered using a Magnetospeed barrel mounted ballistic chronograph. At each barrel length, the rifle was fired from a front rest with rear bags, with five rounds of each type of ammunition.

Gold Medal Sierra MatchKing 308 Win. Part # GM308M. Bullet Weight: 168. $33.95. Available. Uniform match jacket ensures consistent, long-range accuracy. Federal® brass. Specially formulated propellant. Benchrest-quality Gold Medal® primer.

EXTENDED BALLISTIC DATA FOR THE FEDERAL .308 MATCH ROUND: All the data you wanted but couldn't find — wind, moving targets, trajectories, etc. By Maj. John L. Plaster, USAR (Ret.) After nearly a decade of instructing police and military students in counter-sniping and precision shooting, I've amassed a useful

Mar 26, 2017 · In this video we will be deconstructing 168 Grain Federal Gold Medal Match rifle ammunition in the .308 Winchester caliber. This ammo is one of the most well known and used match ammunition around.

The single tightest group was 0.69". This was consistent with a 0.77" factory group shot with Federal’s Gold Medal Match 168-gr. MK BTHP. Hornady’s 155-gr. TAP-FPD loads also performed respectably,

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.7.62 NATO Spec.’ class=’alignleft’>Federal's Gold Medal ammo loaded with 168 grain Sierra Match King bullets is considered the commercial market leader for 308 match ammo. Federal uses the best ingredients in this proven recipe with carefully designed brass cases topped with Sierra's incredibly consistent and concentric 168 grain hollow point boat tail bullets.