Bulk 223 Brass Casings

COVID-19 Survival Tips: What Doctors Should be Telling You – Most of the advice from medicine regarding the COVID-19 pandemic is to avoid contact with others, wash your hands frequently, and cough/sneeze into your arm, not your hands. Good advice, but there is.

Rifle Review: .458 SOCOM – 223, 7mm Mauser, and venerable.

The recent rush of short and super-short cases that followed the .300 RUM are a perfect example of this, as are the .444 Marlin, .338 Federal along with many.

270 Win and 30-06 Springfield Ammunition – These join 223 Rem, 22-250 Rem.

SIG Elite Ammunition shell cases are engineered to exacting tolerances. Each brass case undergoes rigorous in-line and post production quality assurance.

Green Fees – But Not the Golfing Kind – First, let’s call it what it is: it’s a tax. Court cases, including some from the Hawaii Supreme Court, have worked on drawing a line between user fees and taxes, and the imposition envisioned by SB.


243 Bullets 55 Grain 338 Lapua Energy The 338 Lapua Magnum was developed to be, and remains classified as an anti-material round afterall. Energy in ft pounds: The energy produced by a 30.06 rifle cartridge and the .338 Lapua. The gas operated BAR came out in 1967 and has been made in calibers from .243 to .338 Win Mag.
22 Raging Hornet New from Century Arms this year are two 9mm pistols, one a striker fired gun with a decocker, and the other a CZ75 clone called a Stingray. Also a new line of French Sauvestre lead-free hunting ammo, including shotgun slugs in both lead and lead-free, plus a brand new line of new production Zestava Mausers,