Best Factory .243 Bullet For Deer

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270 wsm rifle manufacturers – McMillan is best.

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The bare bones are these: It’s a 4-shot repeater that comes in .243, .308, .270, and .30/06, weighs 6.25 pounds or less.

most accurate bolt action 270 – The All-­American deer gun is back. Thanks to recent advances in polymer-tipped, spire-point bullets that are safe.

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I just bought a new savage 243 for the nephews to hunt with and don't know much about the round only what I have read sense I'am a 30 caliber fan. going to go wit the 100 grain for the thick woods around here in WV for Deer this fall and I need help deciding on what 100 grain factory load is best, you can read ballistics but actually talking to.

There's a lot of debate as to what the best deer rifle is, but the .243 definitely has it going on. As hunting season approaches every year, we look toward our gun cabinets and wonder if we're really using the best deer rifle. All the old favorites are normally there, like the classic Marlin, Remington and Ruger rifles.

Factory Ammunition For several decades, ammunition manufacturers offered two bullet weights for the .243, an 80 grain load designed for varmints and a 100 grain load designed for medium game. These loads were very basic, often very slow and the .243 was for many years best utilized with hand loads.

best rifle manufactured in the usa – Here, we list the 30 best AR-style rifles for big-game hunting.

Two classic semiauto deer rifles go head-to-head this week: Dr. Ralph’s Winchester Model 100 and Jack Swanson’s Remington.

I don't know if it's the best but Hornadys 100 gr BTSP worked for me in a Remington 700 BDL 6mm Rem. 300 yds average groups of 2 1/4 inch groups with max load of H4831. One shot one deer go to Hornadys web site look up .243 6mm. 100 gr. BTSP has a Pic of my deer I shot last year. Would I use them again yes in my 6mm Rem.

Some time ago I reported on Minox’s binoculars, and stated that, dollar for dollar, they were the best I knew of.

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tikka rifle reviews – However, it is one of the best hunting rifles I have seen come out of a factory box.

168-grain Berger VLD bullets, and Jarrett’s own brass. The group average Mr. Moyer got was.

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Sep 29, 2018 · What is the best factory. 243 round? I've heard horrible stories about blood trails and the .243. Little worried as I recently purchased a .243 for my daughter's first deer hunt. Thanks

Review of the Best .243 Rifles. The following is a list of the six best .243 rifles that are currently on the market. While you’re looking for a rifle for your own use, it’s important to know the features and characteristics of each one. This way, you’ll be able to know if one of these rifles is closer to your ideal .243.