Best 308 Bullet For Deer Hunting

Mar 22, 2019 · Plus, match grade bullets are longer and generally boat-tailed so they possess a taper at both ends to reduce wind resistance, al la ballistic coefficient. These bullets range anywhere from 155gr. on the lighter end to the more common 168gr. and 178gr. bullets. Best .308 Hunting Ammo. Winchester Deer Season XP 150 Gr Poly

Best 308 Rifle – 10 Best 308 Bolt Action Rifles For The Money! Ask any gun enthusiast which is their favorite rifle cartridge, and they will most likely tell you the .308. First introduced in 1952, it has become the cartridge of choice for hunting, sporting, military and law enforcement.

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6.5 Italian Carbine The Italian government adopted the Mannlicher-Carcano M-91 bolt action rifle and the 6.5x52mm cartridge in 1891. This rifle and cartridge served the Italian military through two World Wars, victoriously in the First, and in a losing effort in the Second. On Nov. 22, 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald fired two 6.5-millimeter rounds from an Italian Carcano

Jun 03, 2020 · I'm not a hunter, but have been asked to advise a new shooter on the best round for elk (not deer) hunting in northern New Mexico. He bought a Ruger American in .308 and plans to take an elk next hunting season. I am merely helping with scope and ammo selection. Would any of you hunters object to Hornady Precision Hunter .308 in 178 gr ELD-X?

The best .308 bullet for deer hunting is a bullet that will reliably expand and penetrate completely through a deer. The job of the bullet is to push a hole completely through the animal to drain blood.


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Right now Browning Big Game ammo is loaded for .270, .300 WSM, 7mm Remington Magnum, .30/06, .300 Win Mag, and .308.

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Jul 01, 2020 · The .308 Winchester is a long range round, capable of making accurate shots well past 500 yards (how far is something of a debate among long range shooters), which means the best .308/7.62 rifles will be able to mount a scope. Even if you choose to operate with iron sights, being able to install an optic is important.

Looking for opinions on the best hunting bullet for deer/antelope. I have a new .308 that will be traveling South Dakota this fall and I want to work up some loads. Help me pick my hunting bullet. . I'm leaning towards the berger 155 for it's decent BC and velocity or the hornady amax. Any.

7.5×55 Brass .223 Case Outside of infotainment docuseries like Unsolved Mysteries, internet detectives have dedicated many hours, words, and posts. Champaign County joined Gallatin, Jackson, Jo Daviess, Johnson, Perry, Randolph, Saline, Sangamon, St. Clair, White and Whiteside on the state watch list. All have experienced an increase in two or. .223 Remington Fully Processed Brass Cartridges for

Here, we list the 30 best AR-style rifles for big-game hunting, varmint hunting.

"The gal that owns this rifle has used it on mule deer in Colorado, elk and moose in Utah, and red stag.

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308 rifle from Seekins Precision.

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Remington .223 Ammo In Bulk 223 Ammo. Introduced in 1964 by Remington Arms, the .223 Remington cartridge was based off of the .222 Remington and the .222 Remington Magnum rounds. Because the .223 Remington round is a light, accurate round as well as being relatively inexpensive and passes the "Walmart Test", it became an instant hit. 22-250 Rem; 222 Rem;