Ballistic Coefficient 223

The .223 has great external ballistics and very little drop allowing this round to be accurate at 200 yards and possibly more. If you are shooting at a distance be sure to use our ballistic calc to create your drop tables if you dont already have them.

Loading Bench: Rifle Loads For The .44 Remington Magnum – The .44 Remington Magnum is an adaptable cartridge when fired from a handgun. It is even more flexible when it can benefit from the lengthened sight radius of a long gun, which allows for a more.

Jul 11, 2012 · This chart does not account for atmospheric conditions, so if you want to take in to effect these things check out the calculators official page. The Ballistic Coefficient for the .223 Remington, Remington Metal Case, 55gr is 0.202 (in this example) but, but may also range from .185 bc to .257 Create Your Free Custom Ballistic Report

The 115 grain bullet of the 6.8 has a ballistic coefficient of about .340 and is loaded to 55,000psi. This cartridge is still in an experimental stage of use (2009). Velocity from a 20” military barrel is probably much closer to 2650fps.

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Ballistic Coefficient (B.C.) is the numerical evaluation of a projectile’s efficiency in flight. The B.C. gives us a very small window of the projectile/bullet’s ability to overcome external factors such as wind and gravity.


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Mach 2.25 (2512 fps* and above) – Velocities above 2,500 fps and distances out to 300 yards. Mach 2.0 (2232 fps*) – Mid-range shooting where the bullet spends time in flight after slowing down. Mach 1.75 (1953 fps*) – Long-range shooting where much of the bullet flight occurs after velocity loss. Bullet Mach 2.25 Mach 2.0 Mach 1.75

Complete .223 Remington ammunition ballistics Chart. Compare all .223 ammunition manufacturers on one chart.

223 Remington: Super-X Power Point: 64: 1296: 3020 .