Ar-15 Ammunition Magazines

A strong majority of Canadians back a complete ban on civilians possessing the kinds of “assault-style” weapons used to carry.

Should High-Capacity Ammunition Magazines Be Banned.

and the magazine limit of 10 is too low. They say some of the most popular weapons in the United States, like the AR-15 rifle and the.

Multiple guns, ammunition seized following reports of shots fired in Glen Burnie – an AR-15 pistol, an AK-47 pistol, numerous high-capacity magazines and a large quantity of ammunition. Ricks was charged with several counts of first-degree assault, reckless endangerment and.

Gun rights supporters are suing Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont and several police officials over the coronavirus-related.

How to load an AR-15 Magazine for BeginnersAuthorities: Gang member’s arrest on felony weapon allegations tied to string of Napa burglaries – Authorities link the seizure of six guns from a Napa home to a string of home and vehicle break-ins since April.


Aurora Police Department Officer Joseph Carns will not face criminal charges in connection with the Oct. 20 shooting of Oscar.

450 Bushmaster Review Editor’s Choice: Hornady Subsonic Ammunition – 30-30 Win., .450 Bushmaster and .45-70 Gov’t—greatly increasing the versatility of three rifle chamberings not traditionally loaded for use at speeds below the sound barrier. The three new. The First AR in Hunting Camp – 450 Bushmaster, the .500 Beowolf. After a short loading instruction and safety review, load

Sheriff Arnott says the victim was in the garage with a friend and didn’t see the thief get into his Toyota Tacoma. It was.