9.3×62 Ballistics Chart

HP (Steel Case) 62 gr. Shotgun Ballistics. AMMO DESCRIPTION. 12 GA Varmint Express® 2¾" 12 GA Critical Defense® 2¾" 12 GA Superformance® 2¾" 12 GA American Gunner® 2¾" 12 GA Hornady BLACK™ 2¾" 12 GA Heavy Magnum® Turkey 3".

04.04.2008 · Here is a reloading chart/ballistics for the 9.3×62, which shows a typical bullet speed with a 286 grainer. 03.08.2013 · While the 64 will deliver 375 like ballistics, the 62 will give you 35 Whelen plus ballistics. Unless you are going after something real big, the animal ain't going to know.

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Ballistic Test Hornady VS. Norma & RWSReloading ammo on your own is for experts. If you look how to do it for 9,3×62 ammo, we provide all the info to help you get it done.

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Complete 9mm ammunition ballistics Chart. 9mm Ballistics Chart. There is such a variety of pistols in public use that we will not determine what guns are compatible with which loads.

History. More than twenty different 9.3mm cartridges evolved during the period 1884 to 1928 however only a few survived. The 9.3×57 Mauser gained a small following but its popularity waned after 1905 after the release the more powerful 9.3×62 cartridge designed by Berlin Gun maker Otto Bock.

The 9.3×62mm (also known as 9.3×62mm Mauser) is a rimless, bottlenecked rifle cartridge designed in 1905 by German gunmaker Otto Bock. It is suitable for hunting medium to large game animals in Africa, Europe, and North America.

The Federal Ballistics Calculator lets you quickly determine the trajectory for any rifle or handgun load, and save data for an unlimited number of loads.

9.3X62 250 gr GMX® Superformance® International™ Item #82308 | 20/Box . Hornady ® has been at the cutting edge of ammunition technology for over six decades. Each year our engineers strive to introduce more revolutionary products.

I rate the recoil of the 9.3X62 between a 30-06 and a typical .300mag. The stock on a 550FS may be a little long for someone 5'7" I had mine shortened a bit, I am about 5'10" but I like my stocks a little on the short side.

Ballistics Chart covering some of the more promientn small arms calibers of the world. Small Arms Ballistics Chart. A look at some of the more common military, sporting, and civilian-related ammunition types. 7.62x25mm Tokarev. 9x17mm Browning Short. 9x18mm Makarov.

9.3×62 is great with short barrels, especially if u reload and do not hunt in low light conditions (flash light/fire at the muzzle during shot shuts of the picture for a short while). 9,3×64 is then a long barrel addict, otherwise a torch. 9.3×62 and some 50-52 cm is one of the most popular combos on german driven hunts for boar.