7×64 Brenneke Ammo

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Be safe the last week of deer season – So much in fact, that I got me another rifle ready to add to my repertoire of guns and ammo vs. North American wild game. The rifle is a FN Model 98 Mauser chambered in 7X64 Brenneke. This is a.

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The only ammunition available for hunters in the early 20th century was the one used by armed forces. Wilhelm Brenneke revolutionized an ammunition that followed best hunting principles. The aim was to kill game without causing unnecessary wounds or suffering. Read more

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Wilhelm Brenneke designed his 7x64mm rifle cartridge in Germany in 1917. This is a rimless, bottleneck cartridge designed for use in bolt action magazine rifles. As this is written, the Shooters Bible lists 7×64 factory loads from Federal, PMC, Remington, and Speer among US ammo companies.

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The 9.3×64 Brenneke cartridge is one of the most successful rounds and the largest big game round developed by German arms designer Wilhelm Brenneke. Brenneke's prolific inventing and obsession with accuracy and performance led to over 10 new cartridges.

Privi Partizan 7×64 Brenneke Ammunition. (1 Results). Filter By. PPU PP303S2 Metric Rifle 7x64mm Brenneke 140 GR Pointed Soft Point Boat Tail – 20rd Box.

7.64mm Brenneke Ammo History & Information. Introduced in 1917 in Germany, the 7x64mm cartridge was designed by Wilhelm Brenneke (the same person behind the famous shotgun slug) and is well-regarded by European hunters for its flat trajectory and dependable terminal ballistics.

The same is true of his 8×64 where the rimmed version is the 8x65R, and the 9.3×64 where the rimmed version is the 9.3x65R. Currently, Brenneke, Norma, RWS and Vihtavouri all list loaded ammunition for both the 7×64 and 7x65R. Brenneke, Norma and Vihtavouri all list reloading information for the 7×64 and 7x65R.

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The 7×64 has the heaviest discount, which got me to looking at it, plus it looked interesting. 308, 30-06, 7×64 are kind of overlapping calibers really but if you were going to pair one with the 9.3 Mauser, which would you choose? Go all German with the 7×64 and 9.3×62 in the Merkel