7.62x54r Surplus Ammo 880

When you need 7.62x54R ammunition at an affordable price, it doesn't get any better than Eastern European manufactured mil-surplus ammo. This is an 880 round case of standard full metal jacket 7.62x54R that's packed in two 440 round Spam Cans, designed for long term storage.

In fact, the 7.62x54r is unique because it's one of the rare standard-issue rimmed rounds still being used by militaries around the world; it's had – and continues to have – the longest service life of any cartridges Add a Question about 880 Rounds of 147gr FMJ 7.62x54r Ammo by Bulgarian Surplus.

Remington Core Lokt 223 Federal 168gr Gold Medal Match In this episode, I try out my Savage 110 LA .308 Winchester with some 168 grain Sierra Match King rounds from Federal. I must say that, after 6 rounds, the. Col. Parks’ findings became U.S. Navy policy, authorizing the combat employment of Federal’s 168-gr. Gold Medal Match round, officially designated

7.62x54r Surplus Soviet Ammo 880 rounds in wooden crate.AIM Surplus Exclusive! 1970’s Surplus Polish 7.62x54R Ammunition – Many of these have been imported to the United States and are found at relatively cheap prices compared to commercial ammo. Although the types of surplus readily at hand change on a regular basis.

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880 rounds 7.62x54R Russian military surplus ammo 1985 production from factory 60 in Wood Crate with 2 x 440 round spam cans. Small possibility of a different year or factory number, as this is surplus, but it all appears to be factory 60 made in 1985, we have sold large quantities of this ammo many.

880 rounds in 2×440 round spam cans in the wood crate. 7.62x54R Bulgarian 1970s 148 grain LPS Light Ball Surplus ammo. This is very nice clean looking ammo in excellent condition manufactured mostly in the 1970s to 1980s but dates of manufacture may vary

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7.62x54r 148 gr FMJ Russian 880 Rd.

MFS 7.62x54R Ammo 174 Grain Full Metal Jacket ammo review offers the following information; With some of the most economically priced ammo on the market, but still deigned with trustworthy quality parts, MFS ammunition is the perfect option for the shooter on a budget looking for high performance ammo. Thanks to the zinc plated steel cases, MFS.

Bulk 7.62x54r Ammo For Sale Russian surplus silver tip 147 grn FMJ 440 round spam can 880 round crate from the famed factory 188. In stock and ready to ship at shop.762x54rammo.com. 440rd spam cans and 880rd crates

This surplus 7.62x54r ammo is Bulgarian made and comes in two factory original 440 round count spam cans. This silver-tip variant of 54r ammo is known for solid accuracy and it features the military specified mouth/jacket and primer pocket sealant to prevent moisture intrusion.

At Bulk 7.62x54r Ammo Sales 7.62x54r Russian Surplus Silver Tip ammo is available in 440rd spam cans and 880rd crates. For your shooting supplies we carry the famed and desired Factory 188 Russian surplus 7.62x54r ammo which features a copper washed steel case and full metal jacket 147grn light ball steel-core bullet.

Sorry for the higher cost on this lot of ammo due to very high cost from my source. We were able to purchase a small lot of 96 cases of this ammo after going 2 years without any at all. Supply is limited. 880 rounds 7.62x54R Russian military surplus ammo 1985 production from factory 60 in Wood Crate with 2 x 440 round spam cans.

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Surplus ammunition and firearms are still readily available, and one of the most plentiful cartridges on the market is 7.62x54R. Although the Russians developed it, the R doesn't stand for Russian – it stands for Rimmed, because this is a rimmed cartridge. It was introduced in 1891 and is still in use by front.

Tennessee Guns International’s TGI-FPK 7.62x54R – Now, with some of the surplus steel core and commercial.

(up from $99.99 ten years ago) 7.62x54R, 880 rnd case = $139.98 (16 cents/round) So, at 10,000 rounds, cost of ammo + gun breaks even at.

880 Rounds of Discount 147gr FMJ 7.62x54r Ammo For Sale by Bulgarian Surplus online at AmmoForSale.com

Opening the surplus spam cans or Soviet 7.62x54r ammo, light ball steel core bullet. 880 rounds produced at plant #60 Production date 1975.