7.62 X39 Armor Piercing

7.62×39 Chinese API Armor Piercing Incendiary I tested this round in numerous videos over time. It has been tested against mild steel, AR500 plate, concrete, and timber.

7.62×39 API ammo. When it hits hard targets, it has a flash and cloud of smoke, with penitration. The penetrator is a sharpened tungsten core with a powder incendiary mixture. On impact the the penetrator slams into the incendiary mixture; erupting into a 2'-3' fireball.

Just depends on what kind of armor you're talking about. There are many many different kinds and levels of "armor". ALL 7.62×39 will pierce soft body armor without plates, regardless of the metal used in the bullet. But yes, if the magnet sticks, the core is steel. If the magnet does not stick, the core is not steel.

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Could anyone link me a decent comparison between the two cartridges, focusing on their effect on body armor and terminal ballistics. Having an argument with a buddy who swears by the 7.62, but can't find anything on google, everything decent is buried in a ton of random crap.

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Ok let me tell you what is missing first. When you tell 7.62, you specified the diameter of the penetrating core. (its actually 7,9 mm ±x in real life) * The first thing missing is the cartridge length.

Jul 15, 2012 · Steel cored 7.62×39 is considered "armor piercing" under US Federal law. Specifically in 1994 the BATFE figured out that someone had made a 7.62×39 handgun (the OA-93) and so 7.62×39 rounds fell under 18 USC 921(a)(17). Under that law a projectile core made out of steel is "AP".

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