7.26 X39

Jul 16, 2022 · 308 bullets measure .308 inches in diameter while x39 bullets measure .311 inches in diameter. That additional .003 of an inch might not seem like much, but it’s enough to make a big difference in how well your rifle fires. Additionally, x39 ammunition is typically loaded with a lighter bullet than 308 ammo.

Up to 500 rounds (25 boxes) of 7.62x39mm ammunition can comfortably fit into a steel ammo can made to hold 30cal. These cans most often run to 11 inches long x 3.5 inches wide x 7.5 inches deep. Empty, they weigh around 4.5 pounds if made of steel. Most 30cal ammo boxes lock close and have a small handle on top for easy carrying.

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The 7.62×39mm (aka 7.62 Soviet, formerly .30 Russian Short) [5] round is a rimless bottlenecked intermediate cartridge of Soviet origin. The cartridge is widely used due to the worldwide proliferation of Russian SKS and AK-47 pattern rifles, as well as RPD and RPK light machine guns. The AK-47 was designed shortly after WWII, later becoming.

Jul 20, 2022 · The answer is yes.

sort of. You see, the .762 x39 was designed to be used in an AK-47 rifle, which has a much shorter barrel than a .308 rifle. As a result, the .762 x39 round doesn’t have enough velocity to be effective in a .308 rifle. It will still shoot, and it will even hit your target.


but the damage will be minimal.

Is 7.62×39 The Same As .308 But for the modern shooter on a newfangled platform, is the 7.62×39 the same as .308? They aren’t the same. One is an intermediate, while the other is a full rifle cartridge. The 7.62x39mm symbolizes unadulterated ruggedness and pure dependability. At the same time, the .308 Winchester is the most prevalent North American big game

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