6.5 X50 Ammo

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Barrett Rifle 50 Cal .223 Size Comparison Aug 15, 2018 · Most cartridges, depending on the bullet size and the product line, will be around 3,000 feet per second or higher. 55-grain rounds from Federal Premium Ammunition, for example, has muzzle speeds about 3,240 feet per second, and you can find .223 Remington cartridges with muzzle speeds listed at

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The 6.5×50 Japanese Arisaka, 6.5mm Japanese Arisaka, 6.5 Jap, or 6.5x50mmSR Arisaka is a semi-rimmed cartridge, with a 6.5 mm (.264) diameter bullet. Historically it has been referred to as the "6.5 Jap". The 6.5×50 Japanese Arisaka naming convention follows common European naming conventions.


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