5.7 X28mm Ammo

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FN Five-SeveN with fixed C-More combat sight – Firing the high velocity 5.7x28mm cartridge, the Five-SeveN sports a hammer-forged and hard chrome lined barrel for enhanced accuracy and extended service life. It is available in matte black.

Stock Up On 5.7x28mm Ammo For Your New Ruger 57 The FN 5.7×28mm (designated as the 5.7 × 28 by the C.I.P.) is a small-caliber, high-velocity, smokeless powder, rebated rim, bottlenecked centerfire cartridge designed for handgun and personal defense weapon (PDW) uses and manufactured by FN Herstal.[8]

They fire different ammunition, but the P90’s 5.7x28mm cartridge has caught on more than H&K’s 4.6x30mm cartridge. Once again, FN’s aforementioned Five-seveN pistol, in addition to the P90.

Department: Ammunition > Handgun Ammunition > 5.7x28mm ; Federal 5.7x28mm 40gr FMJ American Eagle 50/Box Style: AE5728A; Type: Target; Quantity: 50 Rounds.

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Why does the 5.7x28mm.

Oct 11, 2019 · SHOP 5.7x28mm AMMO HERE. Developed nearly 30 years ago, the 5.7x28mm round is synonymous with its creator and parent company FN. Though not the most popular kid on the block, the 5.7x28mm holds.


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Chambered in the high velocity 5.7x28mm cartridge, the PS90 operates on a straight blowback operation and fires from a closed bolt for greater accuracy and reliability. The PS90’s civilian legal.

300 Blackout Vs 30 Carbine 300 Blackout bullets are heavier, velocities are about the same? Not necessarily, I'm running 110 grain bullets out of my 16" AR in.300 Blackout at 2465 according to my chrony; best you are going to be able to muster out of.30 carbine is about 2460 in 30 carbine but you will have to drop down