404 Jeffery Rifle

Aug 02, 2016 · It was so effective, in fact, that the game departments of both North and South Rhodesia (now Zambia and Zimbabwe), Tanzania and Kenya chose the Vickers bolt-action rifle chambered in .404 Jeffery as the standard-issue rifle. In my opinion, if it was good enough for those guys required to handle the problem animals, it is good enough for me.


the owners of the 404 Jeffery regarding their 404 Jeffery rifles as a plains game rifle , I now can make a conclusion: The 404 Jeffery rifle is the perfect All Rounder hunting rifle.

404 Jeffery CZ versus the Blaser R93 416 Remington Magnum Big Game RiflesModern .404 Jeffery loads have an increased muzzle velocity compared to the ammunition of a century ago; 400-grain bullets at 2350 fps put this old girl in the .416 Rigby and Remington class. Even at that higher speed, the Jeffery still makes an easy-shooting rifle.

HEYM .404 Jeffery Double Rifle. HEYMUSA.com. Deer and Predator Hunting With The Benjamin Rogue Air Rifle – The Management Advantage #53 – Продолжительность: 10.

This .404 Jeffery uses a rare Original Mauser solid wall action with front flat top only. This is a rare opportunity to acquire a splendid "Dangerous Game Rifle" at a price much.


This is a custom .404 jeffery by american hunting rifles of hamilton, montana. IT IS BUILT ON A CZ 550 MAGNUM ACTION w CONTROLLED for sale by.

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The .404 Jeffery is a rifle cartridge designed for hunting large, dangerous game animals, such as the "Big Five" (elephant, rhino, cape buffalo, lion and leopard) of Africa. The cartridge is standardized by the C.I.P. and is also known as .404 Rimless Nitro Express.

A .404 Jeffery Stalking Rifle-Part 1. A.404 Jeffery Stalking Rifle by Dennis Daigger. FROM THE BEGINNING Having had a longstanding interest in owning a .404 Jeffery, I finally got serious about finding one two years ago.

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404 Jeffery. Filter Products. Brand. DOUBLETAP AMMO 404 JEFFREY 400gr BARNES TSX 10/BX.

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The famous .404 Jeffery (also known as the .404 Rimless Nitro Express in the UK) was introduced in 1909 by Jeffery of England to duplicate .450/400 (3 1/4") performance in a cartridge designed for bolt action rifles.

Hornady 82381 Dangerous Game 404 Jeffery 400 GR Dangerous Game Expanding – 20rd Box Nosler Safari Rifle Ammunition .404 Jeffery 400 gr SLD 2350 fps – 20/box.

A Century of Brass and Bullets – 35 Whelen, .404 Jeffery, .416 Taylor and .505 Gibbs. I was able to observe the accuracy and pressure testing laboratory in action while visiting Norma, but wanted to run its ammunition through my.

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Quintessential early Jeffery African rifle.

Beautiful dangerous game Jeffery in classic 404 Jeffery built on an Oberndorf single square bridge action,

Throwback Thursday: Jeff Cooper – He was introduced to rifle shooting at age 11 (a rather ripe old age.

460 G&A wildcat cartridge. Based on the .404 Jeffery case, this round propels a 500-gr. bullet to 2400 f.p.s. from a 21" barrel.

Aug 31, 2015 · 404 Jeffery Recoil. "416 Rigby Elephant Rifle Explodes onto the Little Screen" – Product Review with Ron Spomer – Duration: 4:39. Ron Spomer Outdoors 561,531 views

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The.404 Jeffery is a rifle cartridge designed for hunting large, dangerous game animals, such as the " Big Five " (elephant, rhino, cape buffalo, lion and leopard) of Africa. The cartridge is standardized by the C.I.P. and is also known as.404 Rimless Nitro Express.