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The Marlin 35 rem has some good recoil. If you check the other mechanical things and they are OK; then I suggest the lead sled is your problem. Lead sleds ALL cause the barrel to rise when fired, and slow moving heavy bullets like the 35 still have the bullet in the barrel. I watch this all the time, our range has 4 lead sleds for new shooters.

Caja de cartuchos calibre .35 Rem fabricados en España. Es de destacar la errata en la denominación, "Calibre 35 mm" FOTOS: DAVID. Fabricado por pirotecnia sevillana en 1959 sobre vaina de 7.92×57.

The .35 Remington was designed in 1906 by Remington Arms Company for the Remington Model 8 centerfire. The case is a rimless bottleneck with a large rifle primer that fits a .338 inch bullet on a .38.

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Сравнение .35Rem, 9,3×62 и 7,62×39.

The SAFE Act is a sore subject with some in Ilion. Fran Madore, a former union president who retired from Remington after 35.


The .35 Remington cartridge has periodically shown up in a modern bolt action, autoloading, or It is worth noting that in recent years the .35 Rem. has also found a home in single shot hunting pistols.

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Thanks guys ,i will start with them on my model 336 35 rem. What do most of you guys sight your 35 in at on 100 yards,using 200 grain core lokt?

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Shooting and showing a vintage (1952) Marlin Model 336 Texan in .35 Remington caliber. You might notice a vintage .44 Magnum, too, if you watch closely. —

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The.35 Remington is considered a fine round for deer, elk, black bear, and other medium and large game as long as ranges are reasonable. Hornady currently produces a.35 Remington load in their LEVERevolution line that features a rubber-tipped spitzer bullet which is safe to use in lever action or pump guns with tubular magazines.

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Marlin 35 Remington.30-30 vs. .35 Rem Registered Users do not see the above ad. I know the ballistic aspect that the .35 Remington spits out its 200 grain bullet at roughly 2000 fps and the .30-30 spits out its smokin 170 grain bullet at about 2200 fps.

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Tsugami/Rem Sales, the exclusive North American importer of Precision.

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The .35 Rem at that speed has a muzzle energy of 1756 ft/lbs of energy vs. the .30-30's 1810. I love my 35 rem. But if you don't reload. I would say hit some gun shops Around you and see if they have any ammo for it.the last box I have Seen in a shop.

The .35 Remington was released—as one of a quartet of rimless cartridges from Remington—in 1906; it is a rimless affair designed for their Model 8 autoloading rifle. Alongside the .25, .30 and .32 Remington, the .35 would be the only survivor.

1:35 Remington Park (USA) – Cowboy Pride (USA) 80-1 (8-12) 3wd, no impact, 6th of 8, 7 3/4l behind Continuum (8-8) at Remington Park 6f mdn fst in Aug. Box Seat (USA) 15-1 (8-8) Broke slowly,no threat, 10th of 12, 17l behind.

Lov my .35 rem. Also have a tasco scope 3x9x42with weaver see threw mounts on it , works perfect. I have resentley bought a Henry 45-70 lever brass with octogon barrel . Want to put a good scope on it that I can shoot close range and maybe 200yards if I had to. I hunt my big bucks in the thickest cover. But don’t want to spend a fortune on it .

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