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With 308 win fmj (full metal jacket) and other rounds with an emphasis on expansion upon impact in stock, .308 bullets can be great to fire at the range or for bagging large game Development of the .308 Win cartridge started shortly after World War II as the United States military looked for ways to improve on the M1 Garand rifle and it's full.

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.308 Winchester Ammo .308 Winchester Ammo or 7.62×51 NATO Ammunition is perfect for any shooter, and affordable too! .308 Win Ammo is both in-stock and ships immediately. Check out your favorite brands like Federal, Remington, and Ultramax today! View our .308 Win. Ballistics Chart for Ammunition specifics.

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308 for western hunting – We plan on using a Ruger Mark II Ultra Light and a Remington Model 7, both in .308 Winchester. I reload and will probably use a Nosler 180-grain Partition roundnose with 44 grains of IMR4064.

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The .300 Win Mag I shot was tuned by a fellow named Travis Moyer.

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Federal .308 Win 165 Grain Trophy Bonded HP 20 Round Box Federal .308 Win 165 Grain Trophy Bonded HP 20 Rou.

The .308 Win was released in 1952, two years before the US military adopted the 7.62 NATO. The two cartridges are loaded to different pressures, with the civilian .308 round at 62,000 pounds per square inch (psi), while the military 7.62 NATO is loaded to 50,000 copper units of pressure (CUP), which equates to an estimated 58,000 psi.

458 Socom Vs 338 Lapua FN 3703003380 Ballista 338 Lapua Base Platform Bolt 338 Lapua Magnum 26" 8+1 Adjustable Folding Flat Dark Earth Stock Flat Dark Earth MSRP: $7,499.00 | Your Price: $6,999.00 subsonic 308 – 338 Lapua) and can be used with Armalite’s AR-10B double-stack. The series offers four calibers: .223, .308, 6.8mm SPC, and .458 SOCOM. Ruger just