308 Bullets In 7.62 X39mm

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The 7.62x39mm bullet has by far the most wind drift and is pushed nearly two feet further off target than the .308 Winchester load at 500 yards. The .308 Winchester and 7.62x54R bullets have virtually the same amount of wind drift, with the .308 load having a little bit more resistance to the wind due to the higher BC of that bullet.

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Aug 04, 2015 · You can try unsized in the .308 but it will likely shoot better sized 0.309-0.310". The Lee sizer dues are cheap, but a 0.312" for the 7.62 if u sized doesn't cut it. Just as important is proper seating of the lead bullet to not shave it. The Lyman M dies are great for this. On size should work for both.

Oct 03, 2020 · The .308 rounds, all five, have an average velocity of 2,708ft.sec while the 7.62×39 rounds have an average of 2,352ft.sec. This difference in averages increases slightly as the rounds move downrange. By the 500 yard mark, the .308 rounds have an average of 1,796ft.sec while the 7.62×39 rounds have an average of 1,123ft.sec.

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Jul 16, 2022 · Are 7.62 x39 and 308 the same? The simple answer is no. While both cartridges are meant for rifles, they are not interchangeable. The main difference between the two is the diameter of the bullet. 308 bullets measure .308 inches in diameter while x39 bullets measure .311 inches in diameter.

Ballistic Coefficient 223 The .223 has great external ballistics and very little drop allowing this round to be accurate at 200 yards and possibly more. If you are shooting at a distance be sure to use our ballistic calc to create your drop tables if you dont already have them. Loading Bench: Rifle Loads For The .44 Remington

Feb 12, 2022 · Nosler Varmageddon 123 grain are pretty nice bullets, .310 diameter. In stock on MidwayUSA currently. Sierra Pro-Hunter 125 is .311 diameter is 7.7 Japanese, or 303 caliber, or .311 diameter And last, Speer Gold Dot 123 SP 7.62×39 bullet is .310