308 150 Grain Bullet

308 that weighed under 6 pounds with scope.

Federal 215 primers, 168-grain Berger VLD bullets, and Jarrett’s own brass. The group average Mr. Moyer got was .281-inch.

308). It’s a fully ambidextrous gun with a safety.

and had been fed Berger VLD bullets. The group didn’t look to be .231, which is truly tiny, but it was indeed very, very small, and remarkable.

308 (the AR-30A1 is chambered in either.

We know that with today’s bullets, the .223 Remington has enough punch to take down deer, and it may be the best varmint-and-predator cartridge of.


30-40 Krag A sporterized 1898 Krag-Jorgensen bolt action rifle in 30-40 Krag. Manufactured by Springfield. These rifles saw service in the Spanish/American War. 30-40 Krag. Both are long-since retired from the battlefield. One sees active use as a deer rifle, the other will become one some day soon. Both rifles were developed in the early 1890s. Look

308 slugs of less than 167 grains (the current 7.62 sniper round uses a 175-grain bullet). ALL GROUPS ARE 5-SHOT, NOT 3. (Bear in mind that T/C guarantees 3-shot ½ MOA, and that the target that.

I think the closest you can come is the .257 Roberts. With 87-grain bullets it’s fine for woodchucks, and with 115-grain slugs it will take down any deer or antelope. .257 Roberts. An old.

Penetration Test .308 150 grainbest 100 grain ammo for 243 caliber – It debuted in 1969, offering a lever action with a box magazine that could accommodate pointed bullets and an action that could withstand cartridges as powerful as the 7mm magnum. The gas operated.