303 Bullet Boattail

The .303 British (designated as the 303 British by the C.I.P. and SAAMI) or 7.7×56mmR, is a .303-inch (7.7 mm) calibre (with the bore diameter measured between the lands as is common practice in Europe) rimmed rifle cartridge first developed in Britain as a black-powder round put into service in December 1888 for the Lee–Metford rifle.

Speer Boat Tail Rifle Bullets .303 cal .308" 180 gr SBTSP 100/ct.

70 years in the business, Speer Rifle Bullets are a prime example of the high-quality shooting components offered. These bullets are available in a wide range of calibers, as well as diameters and grains.

This bullet serves me EXTREMELY well in both .303 British and 7.7 Japanese. I have spoken to a customer service rep with Hornady, and learned that this bullet was a special order production run specificly for Grafs. If that is true, then Grafs is the only source for this bullet. That being said, Graf PLEASE renew your contract with Hornady!!!!!

Mar 19, 2018 · Hornady, one of the top innovators in ammunition, provides bullets for reloading purposes, including a .303-caliber full metal jacket with a boat tail and a .303-caliber round nose with a flat base. Both are 174 grains, giving us a fairly consistent comparison.

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LAPUA 303(.310) 200gr FMJ BULLET BOAT-TAIL 100/bx . $57.99. In Stock Item #: LU4PL7005 $0.58 per round Volume Discounts Available .

Pointed bullet with boattail.

Ball, .303-inch, NC, Mark VII.z.RC) to simulate a No. 1 stoppage in training. It was introduced in September, 1918, and marked with.

Jun 01, 2018 · The .303 British is still a popular hunting cartridge in former and current British territories. It has always enjoyed a U.S. following, and every major U.S. ammomaker currently offers at least one loading. Hornady even sells a match load with a boattail hollowpoint bullet that, at 174 grains, closely matches the old Mark VII load. Handloaders.

Titan Monolithic Rifle Bullets are designed with a boattail so that the bullet can consistently leave the barrel crown, with an even pressure relief for better flight. Boattail bullets are able to provide flatter trajectories and higher retained velocities due to an improved ballistic coefficient and reduced aerodynamic drag.

303 Caliber .311 Diameter 174 Grain HP Boat Tail Matchking 500 Count by SIERRA BULLETSDesigned in the famous MatchKing tradition and intended to give shooters of this caliber a world-class target bullet and this projectile fills a long-neglected niche. With this bullet and Sierra has given shooters around the world MatchKing quality in this.