.300 Vs .223

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Nov 07, 2015 · Supersonic .300 Blackout does nothing that supersonic 5.56mm, 7.62x39mm, 6.8mm, or 5.45mm can’t do and subsonic .300 Blackout is a poor choice for defense. While ammunition is becoming more widely available, there is nowhere near the selection and availability as there is for .223 Rem or 5.56x45mm.

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Jan 08, 2018 · 300 BLK vs 5.56, Combat Ready However, there are some shortcomings of the 5.56mm NATO cartridge: First on the list is that to fully burn the 5.56mm NATO powder charge requires at least 12″ of barrel – without those 12″ you’ll get a massive fireball as the round leaves the barrel with every shot as the unburned powder exits and explodes (although awesome to see, there are some major.

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Nov 15, 2019 · Is the .223 Rem. a viable deer cartridge? Legal for big game in some states, deemed inadequate—and prohibited—in others, it lies on a fault line that has spurred many a campfire debate. Let’s compare it to the .30/30 Winchester, which has more than a century of tried-and-true performance on deer, and see how it stacks up.

To better understand the differences between 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem. vs. .300 BLK, a bit of history is warranted. The 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem. hearkens back to the U.S. Army’s search for a lighter.

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Oct 01, 2018 · 300 Blackout vs 5.56 NATO and Suppressors. Of course, any judgment on the effectiveness and worth of the 300 Blackout wouldn’t be complete, or entirely fair, without answering the suppressor question. The 300 Blackout was designed to be used with suppressors after all, and this is where it shines.

Sep 05, 2016 · The .300 Blackout is an effective round that bridges some of the wide gap between a .223 and a .308 as well as allowing an AR15 platform rifle to encroach on the ballistics territory of the venerable AK 47.

5.56 X39 Ammo The .223 Remington is a cartridge with almost the same external dimensions as the 5.56×45mm NATO military cartridge. The name is commonly pronounced either two-two-three or two-twenty-three. This rifle ammunition is loaded with a 0.224-inch (5.7 mm) diameter jacketed bullet, with weights ranging from 40 to 90 grains though the most common. 5.56x45mm NATO RIFLE

Nov 10, 2018 · There’s one place where .300 BLK is far superior to .223/5.56 — in a short barrel rifle. .223 is basically a .22lr-sized bullet sped up to enormous speeds; if you cut the barrel length down to 7.5 or 9.5 inches or so, you cut the cartridge off at its knees (or its balls, more likely).