30-6 Vs 308

308 Winchester in either 140 or 168-grain soft point loadings.

The 140 grain round has a muzzle velocity of 2,759 fps; the 168 grain round comes in at 2,618 fps. Barnaul’s .30-06 Springfield round.

Both the .308 Win and the .30-06 Springfield are two cartridges steeped in American tradition. We just want to provide a better source of information compared to what is out there now. When looking at the .308 Win vs .30-06 Springfield, it will become obvious that each has particular areas where they.

The .308 Winchester and the .30-06 Springfield are very similar in performance level, and both are readily available and economical to shoot, so which cartridge prevails? American Hunter | Head to Head: .308 Winchester vs. .30-06 Springfield

Both are hugely popular. Is one better than the other? Let us compare. The .308 (or 7.62×51 NATO) was developed to replace the longer, bulkier .30/06. It’s one of the most successful military-rifle.

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On the 308 Vs 30-06 hunting, I recommend the 308. The benefits are, however, not enough to merit a change. If you have a 30-06 rifle, keep it. The rifle caliber comparison is not well pronounced to validate a gun change.

Two of the most popular rifle calibers ever created, Chris takes a look at .308 Win vs 30-06 Springfield and points out the differences between the two.

Gun nut, Tom McHale, risks a fight to explain the subtle nuances between 7.62 NATO vs .308 Winchester Ammunition.

to improve the effectiveness of the M1 Garand rifle and its .30-06 cartridge. One.

When comparing 308 vs 30-06 cartridges, you want to pay close attention to a few key things. Here we go over the background, ballistics, and availability. A very common debate that comes up often in firearms discussions is the comparison of the 308 vs 30-06. In the 1950s, the M14 rifle and its newer.

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270 Winchester, .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, .300 Win Mag, and so on. What each of the above firearms share in common.

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Just as Janey Briggs suddenly became hot, the .308 and the 6.5 Creedmoor have heated up so much they could cook pulled pork and not leave a single trichina cyst alive. The .308 is more than 50 years.

Feb 17, 2017 · The .308 Win cartridge is usually found in short actions, while the extra case length of the .30-06 requires a long action rifle. Accuracy. In many ways, the .308 versus .30-06 revolves around the issue of accuracy. When .308 was first offered to the public, .30-06 was the dominant cartridge for marksmen and competitive rifle shooters.

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For the close up brushy hunting you find in 80% of Kentucky, the 30-30 is a good cartridge in the perfect gun. No deer will ever know the difference between the 30-30 and a 308 at 75 yards. If you are stretching out across clear land and can shoot 150 or 200 yards, go with a scoped 308 or 30-06, not a nickel's worth of difference.

308 Winchester round itself has also gained a reputation for being an accurate long range caliber. It is now the most popular centerfire rifle caliber for hunting both in the United States and across.

You'll want to read German's full Sibling Rivalry article, which includes an interesting history of the .30-06 and .308 in High Power shooting, along with tables showing German's actual scores with his .30-06, .308 Win, and 6XC rifles. Similar Posts: Match Results for .308 Win vs. .30-06 — Surprising Findings

30-30 vs 308 vs 30-06 - Cast Iron SkilletsThe .30/06 Springfield: Why This Old Cartridge is Still the Best for Big Game Hunting – 308 Winchester, .300 Ruger Compact Magnum, or even the little 6.5 Creedmoor. Or can it? Let’s dive deep into this famous old centerfire rifle cartridge and see just how it holds up against some of.

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in this non-biased .308 Vs 30-06 review, you will come to know the differences of these 2 popular cartridges regarding size, ballistic, recoil, flexibility. The 308 Winchester was birthed by the 30-06 back in 1952. This showdown, 30 06 vs. 308, will be hard to call! The two have more similarities than.

.308 vs .30-06 Comparison. by Norman Turner – Last updated December 19, 2019. The .308 was designed to be ballistically similar to the .30-06, yet it was smaller, lighter and fed more easily into the breach of a rifle. It has a lower felt recoil than the .30-06, which makes it easier to quickly reacquire a.