30-40 Krag

A sporterized 1898 Krag-Jorgensen bolt action rifle in 30-40 Krag. Manufactured by Springfield. These rifles saw service in the Spanish/American War.

30-40 Krag. Both are long-since retired from the battlefield. One sees active use as a deer rifle, the other will become one some day soon. Both rifles were developed in the early 1890s.

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The .30-40 Krag (also called .30 U.S., or .30 Army) was a cartridge developed in the early 1890s to provide the U.S. armed forces with a smokeless powder cartridge suited for use with modern small-bore repeating rifles to be selected in the 1892 small arm trials.

Krag-Jorgensen Model 1898 30-40 KragStarting in 1893, the .30-40 Krag was added to the chamberings of a variety of sporting rifles, including the Winchester High-wall, the Remington Rolling Block and the Winchester Model 1895 Levergun.

30/40 Krag Rifle Cartridge. Abbreviated Name: 30/40 Krag. TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Adopted by the US Army in 1892 to replace the 45-70, the "Krag" has served both military and civilian needs.


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The Model 1895 Lee Navy: Background & Value – The principal Army rifle at the time, the Krag-Jorgensen, was chambered in .30-40 Krag, and large numbers of .45-70 “Trapdoor” Springfields were still in service. The Lee Navy was also the.

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