.30-06 Vs .30-30

Comparing two tried-and-true big-game cartridges. The two most popular big-game cartridges among American hunters remain the .270 and .30-06. Neither are exactly new; the .270 was introduced clear back in 1925, while the .30-06 passed its centennial seven years ago (wow!).

Oct 16, 2008 · Whats the difference between 3030,30-06 and 308? Whats the difference in 30-30,30-06 and 308. I've alwase herd how good the 30-30 and 30-06 are for deer but what about a 308? The rifle I found at the store (That I like) happens to be a 308 but I haven't herd anything about them.

America’s nostalgic gun culture defies logic and common sense – 30-06 cartridge. So when it came time to distribute his belongings, when my sister and I were surprised to find a mini arsenal underneath his bed in the small apartment he died in, we took each one of.

Classic lever-action deer rifles are undoubtedly cool. My first was a Winchester Model 94AE XTR in .30-30 Winchester, that timeless rimmed cartridge that has accounted for innumerable amounts of game. It was a gift from my father for my 15 th birthday, and—at least to the young man who received it.

.30-30 VS .32 Win Spcl VS .45-70 GOVT – Levergun Party – Продолжительность: 20:23 WHO_TEE_WHO 224 202 просмотра. Hog Hunting with a Winchester Lever Action 30-30- A Lifetime of Tradition- Winchester Deadly Passion – Продолжительность: 21:59 Deadly Passion 333.

Fresno Police Department Fresno police seized a .30-30 lever-action rifle, a .30-06 bolt action rifle, and a 9 mm handgun during traffic stops Monday in southeast and southwest Fresno. Police say the.


Ed Wall: Deer hunters have more options than ever – The .30-30 is still a lethal load but tends to lose energy quickly, making it most suitable for relatively close range. Its muzzle velocity with a 125-grain bullet is 2570 fps, compared to 3140 fps.

The .308 versus the 30-06 for Hunting: Ballistics & Accuracy Comparisons. When it comes to full-bore hunting calibers in the USA there are two that, for popularity at least, stand head and shoulders above the others. These are .308 Winchester and the classic .30-06.

Gunfight Friday: Brush Guns – Anyway, there are your choices: a lever .30-30 vs. a .30/06 home-defense rifle that could still hold its own in the deer woods. Vote and comment below, and keep the gun pictures coming to.

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Deer hunting rifle recommendations: 30-30 vs 30.06 vs something else? I am in the market for a hunting rifle, in particular for hunting whitetail deer. While the 2014 season is just about to kick off, I'm actually not planning to head out until next year—so plenty of time to find the right rifle.

When I started hunting as a boy, the .30-06 Spr. and .30-30 Win. were about the only rifles my uncles and their friends carried while hunting. Once I left the mountain valley to go down river to.

When it comes to deer hunting, lever-action rifles continue to be “America’s Gun” – 30-30 or .32 Winchester Special fired from a lever-action rifle. For every “crack” of .30-06 Remington or “ka-boom” of .300.

Nov 27, 2007 · 30-30 is good for close to mid range shots. 30-30 kicks a bit more than a 25-06 because its a bigger bullet. You are mostly going to see deer under 100 yards most of the time. If you are looking for a good all around gun the 30-30 is the ticket. If this is your first gun I would probably go with the 30-30 if you weigh 130lbs or more.

.30-06 Springfield Verdict. This round is a very popular hunting round for medium range hunting for large game, such as bison and bears. There are many similarities between the .30-06 and the .308. They both have a long history in the military. And both served their time as being the chief infantry rifle.

30-30 v 308 vs 3006 cinder block test here: https://youtu.be/_hgV9k_iLw0. Impact ear protection: https://amzn.to/2KxJNy4. Canon G7x Mark ii camera here: https://amzn.to/2Gvv3gh.

The .30-06 is widely available in just about any retail store that sells ammunition. It has a huge selection of bullet weights as well as designs that allow the .30-06 Nosler Custom Hand Loaded AccuBond 200gr. .30-06 Federal Gold Medal Sierra Matchking 168gr. To deal with the issue of a small sample.

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These mass shootings would not be happening if the perpetrators were using a Winchester Lever-action 30-30, a Remington Bolt Action 30-06 or a .308-calibre hunting rifle. There is absolutely no need.

Outdoor Skills – Hunting Q&A – Either the .270 or .30/06 would be fine. They’re the same cartridge except for bullet diameter. Most experienced hunters consider the .30/06 to be more versatile, as you can buy .30/06 ammunition with.

Surplus M2 Ball Ammo With M1 Garands at perhaps the height of popularity and stocks of military surplus ball waning, one manufacturer is offering a solution. diet of 150-grain M2 ball ammunition, for which their. 30-06 M2 Armor. of ammo you are highly likely to encounter is surplus M855 “Green Tip” 5.56 mm. This ammo is sold as having

30-30 vs 308 vs 30-06 - Cast Iron SkilletsHow close does .303 compare to 30-06 which is the better round? I like the 06 personally in a Remy, SF, Winchester even a Mauser buddy of mines likes .303 and the Enfiled.

The .30-06's power and versatility (combined with the availability of surplus firearms chambered for it and demand for commercial ammunition) have kept the round as one of the most popular for hunting in North America. Performance. The .30-06 cartridge was designed when shots of 1,000 yards (914.4 m) were expected.

30-06 vs. 30-30, two tried-and-true rifle cartridges are commonly found in the field. Let's examine these two calibers and see the pros and cons of each as well as why you might The .30-30 Winchester and the .30-06 Springfield are two cartridges that have remained relatively unchanged for over a century.

Oct 17, 2019 · This is the myth of the magic M16 bullet.

5.56 is a 22 long round with extra powder to give it more velocity. Because it’s long and relatively light, it can quickly loose velocity when striking something, like bone.

Selecting the First Gun for the Beginner Hunter – For example, a 12 gauge shotgun can be outfitted with a slug barrel to hunt deer or any other big game, it is powerful enough to reach out and break clays in trap and sporting clays, and it is an.