30.06 Vs 270

Its the thinking that the 270 shoots flatter than the 30-06.

the 270 does actually shoot a little flatter in certain instances.

but even then, its not enough to matter.

can anybody here hold still enough, from a field position, to be able to.

Head to Head: .300 RSAUM vs. .300 WSM – 270, 7mm and .325 WSM cartridges.

The question is this: does that matter to you as a hunter or shooter? Both are faster than the .30-06 Springfield, and both give highly usable velocities,


Essentially, 270 vs 30-06 comes down to the same idea of 9mm vs .45 ACP, namely easier to shoot with vs MORE POWAHHHH! The standard .270 load is a 130-grain bullet, whereas the standard .30-06 is 150 grains. However another difference is the range of what grain bullets are available.

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Best Cartridges for Africa Plains Game – 338 Win. Mag., .300 Win. Mag.Ron Spomer The .300 Win. Mag. fits a standard action, the same as the .30-06, and .270 Win. A few ounces heavier, a smidgeon slower to cycle than the 308 Win., but.

30-06 is normally the threshold for moderate/heavy recoil cartridges. 7mm Mag is closest to the 30-06 for performance and 270 has good but lessened performance comparatively. So,to me 30-06 gives you the most ability to shoot well within a spread of game hunting,but any will do the job.

The tang safety is tactile and crisp. Initial chamberings include .300 Win Mag, .30-06 Springfield, and .270 Winchester. The rifle weighs in right around seven pounds, and SRP is $1,699. SIG is.

270 vs 30-06 - SHOOTING STEEL270 vs 30-06: Which Is Right For You? When using the right bullets and with good shot placement, both cartridges are excellent for hunting medium to large sized game. Indeed, both the .270 Winchester and .30-06 Springfield are great choices if you're looking for a really versatile cartridge.

Classic cartridge back in vogue – 30-06 and other staid but blue-chip holdings. I suspect it won’t be long before we start seeing similar coverage for the 270 Winchester. It’s about time for the 7mm Remington Magnum to take a.

Ballistics 7mm-08 I am looking to know if I can get equivalent ballistics of a 7mm08 out of a contender maybe with 7x30ai,some of the jdj wildcats or maybe some others not mentioned . looking for something around 7mm caliber . 243 vs 7mm-08 vs 308 Ballistics. Even though the cartridges share the same roots, there is

270 Winchester, one of the most popular.

clocking in at right around half of the energy of your granddad’s old .30-06 (about 1,600 ft-lbf vs. something on the order of 3,000 ft-lbf, depending.

Any cartridge based on the 30-06 Springfield is never a wrong choice. 30-06 Springfield parent of: 6mm-06 25-06 Remington 270 Winchester 280 Remington 338-06 A-Square 35 Whelen & 308Winchester parent of: 243 Winchester 260.

7mm Winchester Rifle 30-caliber cartridges. Here are the top 10, including the 6.5 Creedmoor, the 7mm Remington Magnum, the .300 Winchester Magnum, and the plain old .270 Winchester. The 7mm Winchester Short Magnum (also known as the 7mm WSM) is a centrefire cartridge developed in partnership with Browning Arms Company and Winchester ammunition, making its debut and introduced

.270 vs. .30-06. – by Craig Boddington. Comparing two tried-and-true big-game cartridges. The two most popular big-game cartridges among American hunters remain the .270 and .30-06. Neither are exactly new; the .270 was introduced clear back in 1925, while the .30-06 passed its centennial seven.

If you had just one word to describe the new centerfire ammunition for 2020, “specialized” would do nicely. Ammunition manufacturers are now making purpose-made munitions the way handloaders.

The .270 vs .30-06 shows us a lot of similarities between these two rounds. While there are some differences between the two, they both can excel in a lot of the same hunting scenarios. When you get down to picking between two cartridges that are similar and can be used in a lot of the same situations.

The .270 Winchester and .30-06 Springfield are both great cartridges, but have different strengths and weaknesses. So, the question central to the 270 vs 30-06 debate remains: which one should you be hunting with? Most hunters and shooters probably agree that the .270 Winchester and .30-06.