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270 Win. In 1925 Winchester introduced a .30-06 case necked down to a bullet diameter which until At normal hunting ranges a well placed bullet from a .270 means instant death to all species up to the.

.270 Win Worthless on Elk! There was a book out a few years back, that told of a guy up in the Galatin area of Montana and this guy was a poacher-violater and he took over 200 elk, with a Sako .222. I would think that shot placement is more important than power, and rump shooting is not a thing that I would care to do, even if I had a 375 magnum.

Hunting moose with a .270 Winchester.

As to a 130gr or a 140gr in a .270 Win, Im not even touching that one. Read Jaack O'conner vs Elmer Keith articles.

for hunting, 6.5mm is a step down from the 270. far better to look at the 280 rem for more versatility I used to be pretty infatuated with the .270 win, but I got over that once I found the .280 AI, which IMO.

I have two rifles in 270 Win and they have never let me down. Low recoil, flat shooting, plenty My first rifle (not the first I'd hunted with but the first one to be my own) was a 270 and is still my go to rifle.


#waikarimoana Hunting Red deer with a 270 Win in the roar in New Zealand part 123The .270 Winchester vs. the 7mm Remington Magnum – Comparing the .270 with the 7mm Remington magnum is like comparing grits and white cornmeal. They’re pretty much the same.

The .270 Winchester By Ron Spomer Few cartridges in the history of North American big game hunting have captured the attention of shooters quite like the .270 Winchester. Some 86 years after it was introduced, folks still consider it fast, flat and deadly. And it is. When brought to market in 1925, the .270 Win.

I'm new to hunting and shooting . I shoot a 270 win I love the gun but im told it's a little light for black bears . I hunt hog deer and black bears so I'm looking for a all around caibler for that game and fun to shoot. I know about the 06 and the 308 . The .270 is .277 diameter those cartridges are .031 bigger then mine .

Simple, inexpensive, reliable. I spent most of my hunting years toting around an H&R Handi Rifle in 270 Winchester and an old Winchester Model 37 in 16 gauge–both single-shots. that had me in meat on.

One of the biggest mistakes I made growing up was to not take a couple of my paychecks and buy a .270 Winchester rifle for hunting deer, elk and moose. Many of my friends had purchased .270.

How Far Does A 223 Bullet Travel How far will a bullet travel when shot out of a .223 rifle? It varies, depending on barrel length, bullet weight, etc, but on the average- Maximum effective range: 500 meters Maximum range: 3534 How far does a pistol bullet go? 300 yards A pistol bullet can travel much further than 300 yards. S And
Brenneke Rifle Ammo Both rifles fire the 7N14 armor-piercing sniper round (152gr at ~2750fps) and 7N13 armor-piercing rounds. These rounds have similar specifications to the M2 AP Ball (150gr at 2740fps) specification, Rifle Ammo. 9.3X64mm BRENNEKE. The 9.3×64 Brenneke cartridge is one of the most successful rounds and the largest big game round developed by German arms designer

A New Look at the Old .270 Winchester – 270 Win. as hunting cartridges. Can I justify this heresy? I think so. Based on the longer .30-’06 Sprg. case with more powder capacity, the .270 Win. has always been loaded fast, with a 130-gr.

Jan 21, 2012 · Best .270 Round for Deer Hunting.

but I think when the 270 was brought out the 270 win was made to use the 130gr bullet also my browning bar has a real liking for.

270. Jack O Conner, one of my favorite gun writers from the 1950s through the early 1970s, promoted the .270 Winchester as.

Prograde Hunting .270 Winchester Ammo: Putting Game In Hunters’ Freezers For Decades – Stevensville, MT –-(Ammoland.com)- The .270 Winchester is arguably one of the best hunting cartridges ever developed. Offering plenty of punch without excessive recoil, the highly popular riffle.

I keep hearing how good the .270 Winnie is on Elk, if you just put the shot into the heart lung area. I agree with that, however, the .270 is marginal at best according to the "gun scribes of note", and my.

Kyle de Villiers hunting a Blue Wildebeest at Bhejane Game Reserve with a Sako 270 Win. If you are a fan of my channel and would like to support me in.

Hunting Red deer with 270 Win rifle for venison recovery in New Zealand part 76 – Продолжительность: 6:33 waikarimoana, hunting, fishing 53 907 просмотров.

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The .270 Winchester vs. the 7mm Remington Magnum – 270 Winchester.Federal And it had very little recoil.

including some that can be used for hunting. The practical range of bullet weights for the .270 runs from 130 to 150, and that’s about it. For.

Where did all the magnums go? – Little guns are back in vogue. Just Wednesday, magnum-mania ruled the American hunting industry. The "ancient" 30-06 Springfield and 270 Winchester were considered too anemic even for deer hunting. I.

May 13, 2019 · for hunting, 6.5mm is a step down from the 270. far better to look at the 280 rem for more versatility. just as flat shooting and a little more powerful when loaded to the same pressure. also, just as easy to shoot as the 270 win. both good, but more of the same thing with the 280. another is the 7×64 brenneke. bruce,

I have two loads I use in the 270 Win. I like a 22 inch barreled rifle for dark timber elk hunting. My open country load is a Sierra 130gr SPBT @ 2940 to 3000 fps depending on which rifle I have in my hands. It is my deer load. My dark timber Elk load is a Nosler 160gr Partition Semi-Spitzer @ 2700 fps.