243 Vs 3030

Keith Costley: Random thoughts on new deer rifles and hunting ethics – New rifle Every so often, I ponder buying a new deer rifle, although I don’t need one. A .243, a 30.30, a 25.06 and a 30.06, all of which are more than ample to dispatch whitetail, compete for space.

Feb 28, 2010 · .243 or .30-30 on Wild Boar? I inherited both of my centerfire rifles. One is a Sears Model 53 (Winchester Model 70) in .243 with a 4x Scope. The other is a Sears Ted.

I own 2 rifles in 243 a savage 110 and a remington 700SPS and both are very accurate with very little recoil,I took a doe this year at 368 yards(ranged with nikon i can't believe most of what i read. i own a 3030 and a 243 as well as most other calibers. hit your target and boom they go down! if you are responsible with your.

Apr 17, 2017 · From this little comparison you’ll note some eye-opening numbers, especially between the .30-30 Win. and .243 Win. The .243 Win. starts with a bullet weighing 55 grains less than the .30-30, but its additional 750 fps muzzle velocity gives it 213 f-p more energy at the muzzle.

.270win vs. 30-30win.

The farthest I have ever had to track a deer after shooting one with a 243 is about 50-60 yards, most go down very fast. I like the 30-30.


30-30 but with better firepower than a bolt.

Second in popularity was the .243 Win. with 74,294 produced. The 358 Win. edged out the .284 Win. with 35,636 vs. 35,330 rifles made respectively. In.

Under 100 yds I think the logical choice would be the 30 30. I might not be the one with the most informed opinion as I have never owned a 243.

The .308 is on the left, the .303 on the right. The .308 uses a bullet of .308″ diameter, the .303 uses a bullet of .311″ diameter. The .308 was originally based around a 147 grain bullet, the .303 a 180 grain bullet. Muzzle velocity of a rifle ch.

As deer season approaches, care should be taken with the rifle – 243 or a .264 magnum. The large powder burning magnum will outperform.

to shoot accurately and for me shot placement is everything. There was a time when the 30-30 was the king of the woods but as.

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OUTDOORS: Saturday deer opener for kids more important than catering to those going ‘camping’ – I won’t be using my dad’s .30-30 anymore because my Pop-Pop got me a Savage Model 14 in .243.” Morgan Flamm, Aiden’s dad, is stationed at Fort Indiantown Gap and awaiting his Lieutenant’s bars after.

Oct 28, 2019 · Whitetail Deer Cartridge Shoot-Out: .30-30 Win. vs. .243 Win. vs. .30-06 Springfield Three of the most revered deer-hunting rounds in a head-to-head-to-head comparison By Ron Spomer

243 usually sit in my gun safe while my hammer goes to the deer woods. The .35 hands down hammers. you have a 3030, now branch out.

1000 Rds 223 The Mini-14 has long been thought to be a poor man's AR-15, costing at times as little as half the price of a comparable American Rifle. But the Ruger suffered from a reputation as being comparatively crude, dated, and inaccurate. This popularity is why bulk .223 ammo is so commonly found, allowing shooters to purchase

The .243 Winchester is simply the .308 Winchester necked down to hold .243″ diameter bullets. The .308—a fine design in and of itself—has been responsible for a number of successful cartridges, but the .243 has to be the most successful.

The way it feels and handles matters. A lot. Read Next: Whitetail Deer Cartridge Shoot-Out: .30-30 Win. vs. .243 Win. vs. .30-06 Springfield Unpopular but excellent are the .32-calibers, better known.

Murray, now ranked No. 243 in the world, returned to singles action in August.

Not even an argument with the umpire at 30-30 could stop Murray from breaking Wawrinka’s serve to take the set, with.

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Recoil comparison- .223 vs .243 vs 30-30 – Youth model guns are smaller, both barrel and stock, and are therefore lighter weight than full size guns. This reduced

Nov 24, 2012 · deer gun 30-30 vs 243 He shoots at an 8 pointer from 150+ yards late Wednesday, grabs some fur and a bit of blood, loses blood trail, so he goes out and buys a .243 Ruger bolt. Any thoughts on power of this 90-100 grain load vs a 30-30 150 grain load??

Don't Underestimate the . 30 -  30Deer with a .243 vs.

I've heard the 35 rem is almost night & day difference over the speedier 3030.

243, .270, 7mm-08, and .30-06.

The third option, Trophy Copper, is one of my favorites and what I use in my old .30-30 lever gun. All of the coppers tested in the .308 Savage performed well, but.

The 243 Winchester is just the 308 Winchester (center) necked down to 24-caliber. It hits harder at 400 yards than the 30-30 does at 150 Could u please tell me if I can shoot a 3030 she'll out of a 243 rifle?

Especificações de cada uniport 2000 plus motor 4 Cil nem 126hp tanque 2000 litros barra 21m (27 metros agora) uniport 3030 motor Cummins 6 cil 243 Hp tanque.

Seriously I wonder why use a 30-30 TODAY instead of a 308 Win. I understand liking LEVER action rifles, light, short, fast handling. There are 308s in LEVER actions & IMHO they are in higher quality guns, some have rotary mags, some clips, & most of the time better accuracy.

Winchester Super X 300 Win Mag With Fabrique Nationale’s Columbia, S.C., facility now well-established, it makes sense that some of Winchester’s more popular Model 70s would re-emerge. One such model is the Safari Express chambered. The .300 Winchester Magnum (also known as .300 Win Mag or 300WM) (7.62×67mm) is a belted, bottlenecked magnum rifle cartridge that was introduced by Winchester Repeating

Jun 25, 2017 · 223 and 243 on 3/8" plate steel @100 yards. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

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