223 Hollow Point

.223 and 5.56 hollow point (HP) ammunition is designed with a bullet that expands on contact with a target. This expansion can create a wider wound channel and contribute to making a particular round more lethal than others. You'll likely find bulk 223 HP ammo in stock from established brands like Brown Bear, Wolf, Prvi Partizan, and Federal.

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The Hornady 55 grain hollow point match grade projectile is designed with the ability to perform precision shooting and because of its ability to expand is also suited for hunting small game and self-defense. The 55 grain projectile performs well with barrels that have 1/7, 1/8, and 1/9 twist rates.

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Texas school shooter left trail of ominous warning signs – His order of 1,740 hollow-point bullets that expand in bodies upon impact, more easily killing, arrived later that day. “None of his online behavior was ever reported to law enforcement,” the.


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After a drive to right side of the fairway on the par-5 17th, Champ hit his 223 yard approach to 8 feet, setting himself up for a birdie. This moved Champ to 5 under for the round.

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Aug 25, 2014 · Discussion Starter · #1 · Aug 25, 2014 I have heard a .223 rifle loaded with hollow point ammunition recommended as a home defense gun. Aside from its other virtues, the bullet is supposed to shatter easily on contact with typical house walls. If true, this would avoid the risk of hitting an innocent person outside.

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