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Military 5.56 Ammo Designation Media reports suggest that the Indian government has authorized the Indian armed forces to stock up ammunition. on the number of days the Indian military is required to be prepared to fight. 30-30 Vs 30-06 Vs 308 First of all, the two cartridges share a lot of history. The 308 Winchester was birthed by the

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Samsung to remain top global TV seller for 15th year: Report – Omdia forecast global TV sales to reach 223.83 million TVs this year, more than the 222.91 million units sold last year. The figure is up 3.8 per cent from Omdia’s projection made in September and.

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Gun for sale on buy and sell website leads Edmonton police to charge 2 men with firearms trafficking – The investigation led police to an organized criminal network that the EPS allege was illegally obtaining firearms and ammunition and trafficking them to other people both online and in-person.


$705K in cash seized from Nova Scotia gunman’s property, court documents show – (Steve Lawrence/CBC) Three days after the attacks that killed 22 people in Nova Scotia, police discovered $705,000 in cash folded in tinfoil and crammed into ammunition containers amid the rubble.

Guns and Mass Murder in U.S. Since 1966 – Rifle with a telescopic sight and part of the 500 rounds of ammo her father had given her for Christmas.

The rest of these took place after the moderate 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban on the sale.

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Lawmakers also approved the Lend-Lease Act, allowing the country to provide airplanes, ammunition.

and Welfare and made a deal with Canada to construct the St. Lawrence Seaway.

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Surplus Ammo & Arms Crossroads Of The West Gun Show December 16-17 – There are thousands of deals on new and used guns wholesale ammo, gun safes. knives and swords, scopes, surplus items hunting and reloading equipment, and more! Hundreds of dealers offering the. Seawolf Hueys were heavily armed; in addition to rocket pods, they had side-mounted M-60s (“flex
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