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Remington 700BDL 8mmRemMag 24" ported barrel,HS Precision stock,Leupold 3-9X scope and mounts.2 boxes of 8mm Mag ammo available for $60 each. GUN COLLECTIONS WANTED FOR CASH! We bu.

50 Cal Barret Barrett 82A1 50 BMG w/29" Fluted Barrel Semi-Auto, without Optics. Same as our other Barrett 821A1 50 BMG Rifle but does not come with scope. Buyer provides their own optics. Manufacturers rifle item # 13316 – We got these at a deal without the scope. Use your own scope and save. Don't forget the Federal Lake City

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$113.99 SALE $89.99 . You save 21%! Less than 5 in stock Item #: BM230 $4.50 per round

Remington 700 8mm Remington Magnum Description: Remington 700 is chambered in 8mm Remington Magnum. This rifle has a blued barreled action and a wooden stock. The barrel is drilled and tapped for adding iron sights, and the receiver has bases installed for optic mounting.

We are more than happy to discuss bullet performance relating to our 8mm Remington Mag ammunition and bullet selection for your rifle. Please call us at (240) 347-4883 and we will be happy to speak with you! Must Be 18 years of age to order! Ammunition ships only via UPS or FedEx Ground. No Air Shipments Allowed!


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Apr 12, 2019 · Based on the full-length .375 Holland & Holland belted case, Remington’s 8mm Magnum represented the first commercial 8mm magnum cartridge to be introduced by an American firm. Remington offered two loads for the Big Eight: a 185-grain load at 3080 fps and a 220-grain load at 2830 fps, with both loads generating just about 3,900 ft.-lbs. of.

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"8mm Rifle" For Sale.

Remington 6.8MM Rem. 115 Grain Premier Pointed.

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Getting around to specifics, the 8mm Remington Magnum is a full-length belted magnum (2.850" case) with little body taper and a reasonable-length neck. It shoots bullets of 220 grains at 3000 fps, according to some published loading data.

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