7.62x54r Sp Ammo

The 7.62×54mmR is a rimmed rifle cartridge developed by the Russian Empire and introduced as a service cartridge in 1891. Originally designed for the bolt-action Mosin-Nagant rifle, it was used during the late Tsarist era and throughout the Soviet period to the present day.

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7.62x54R S&B 180gr SP Ammo, 20rd Box. S&B 7.62x54R, 180gr soft point hunting ammo, made in Czech Republic, brass case, boxer primer, non-corrosive. Has a velocity of 2624.

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This 7.62x54r ammo by Prvi Partizan is great for thinning out your local deer population, plinking, or target practice. The historic 7.62x54r caliber was developed by Russia in the 1890’s, and it is still utilized by various military organizations around the world.

7.62 x 54 Russian ammo (aka 7.62 x 54R) is a rimmed, bottle-necked, .30 caliber, rifle cartridge originally designed in 1891 for use by the Russian military in the Mosin-Nagant Model 91 bolt action rifle and it remained the standard Russian service cartridge through WWII. In addition, during WWI.

This current production commercial ammunition is made in Serbia in the same factory that made military 7.62x54r ammunition for the former Yugoslavia. The differences are a non-corrosive boxer primer which allows the case to be easily reloaded and a soft point bullet as opposed to heavy ball as used in the military ammunition.

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Mosin-Nagant Rifle, the Definition of Never Say Die ~ VIDEO – Between 1891 and 1965, upwards of forty million Mosin-Nagants were manufactured in various nations but mostly in the USA, almost all in 7.62x54R caliber. Today, the Mosin-Nagant Rifle, long considered.

Having served in the Russian military for over 120 years, the 7.62x54R holds the record for longest service life of any military rifle cartridge. Because of its accuracy, reliability and power – 7.62x54R ammo is a great choice for hunting or target shooting. Learn More

7.62 x 54r soft point ammo (aka 7.62 x 54 Russian) is a rimmed, bottle-necked, .30 caliber, rifle cartridge comparable to the .30-06 Springfield. Therefore, even though it is a vintage military rifle cartridge, it is actually quite powerful and has proven to be very accurate in international competitions.

The 7.62x54R is the longest serving military cartridge of all time with no signs of retirement in the near future. In Eastern Bloc countries, the cartridge is highly respected among hunters and soldiers. In the west, the 7.62x54R offers us an insight into both history and culture.

Shop at SGAmmo for 7.62x54R Ammo. We carry a wide variety of affordable and high quality ammunition ready to order. In the USA commercial market 7.62×54R ammo is most commonly used in surplus Mosin Nagant Bolt action rifles such as the M91-30 and M44 among several other models.

7.62×54 R SNB ammo (SNB 7.62×54 R) is an ammo box type in Escape from Tarkov. A pack of 7.62×54 R SNB cartridges.

Bulk 7.62x54r ammo for sale today. Widener's delivers cheap prices on in-stock and surplus rounds for Mosin Nagant shooters and has since 1978! The 7.62x54r cartridge is popular with owners of the bolt-action Mosin Nagant rifle. The "r" at the end of the name designates that the cartridge is "rimmed".