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This most certainly isn’t the norm when discussing surplus ammunition.

surplus ammo was dumped in the Pacific at the end of the war, and even today much of the Japanese ammo you’ll find isn’t.

7.62x54R Mosin Nagant ammo surplus spam can UNBOXING – YouTube. Premium 7.62x54r 7N1 Russian Surplus Ammo in Spam Cans For.

There are numerous factors that play into any superlative ammo discussion, including versatility, power, and availability. What I want to talk about here is simply three excellent cartridges for.

At Bulk 7.62x54r Ammo Sales 7.62x54r Russian Surplus Silver Tip ammo is available in 440rd spam cans and 880rd crates. For your shooting supplies we carry the famed and desired Factory 188 Russian surplus 7.62x54r ammo which features a copper washed steel case and full metal jacket 147grn light ball steel-core bullet.


Ballistic Tip .308 Ammo Part of this plant is an expanded ballistics testing laboratory with Sig R&D personnel on site. The first ammunition to arrive was their .223 Remington. That included the 40-grain predator-tip ammo. We shoot some ballistic gel with the Hornaday 168 grain A-max. This is one great bullet. Don't be afraid to use them on thin
Mosin Surplus Ammo Russia conflict could cause ammo shortages in U.S. – While at the Gun Show in Birmingham this weekend, I talked with several dealers that sell ammo. Terry Carter with Shooters Surplus Supply explained that. The most popular and famous of those is the. Jury convicts former Elma man for cache of guns – on the

In Russia, the 7.62x54R is commonly used for hunting purposes mostly in sporterized Mosin-Nagant rifles. The Armory stocks a wide range of 7.62X54R ammunition to satisfy the needs of plinkers, hunters, competitive shooters, and the avid ammunition aficionado. Being avid shooters ourselves.

Most 7.62 x39,7.62x54R and .223 rounds will be in short supply.

While at the Gun Show in Birmingham this weekend, I talked with several dealers that sell ammo. Terry Carter with Shooters Surplus.

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Got my 7.62x54r ammo crate in the mail today! Video was made in order to help first time buyers of shipped ammo. I had may concerns of ordering for the first time, and now are all gone/answered.

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Surplus Ammo: Shooting a Little Bit of History – Literally – 308, .30-06, 7.62×39 and 7.62x54R. While harder to find, and a lot more expensive than it used to be, it can still be cheaper than newly manufactured ammo. While the glory days of surplus ammo have.

308, and 7.62x54R.? What are the pros and cons.

Magazines may be more difficult to find, but stock piling the 54r in volume should not be. Depending on the load (surplus ammo vs. current production.

Bulk 7.62x54r ammo for sale today. Widener's delivers cheap prices on in-stock and surplus rounds for Mosin Nagant shooters and has since 1978! The 7.62x54r cartridge is popular with owners of the bolt-action Mosin Nagant rifle. The "r" at the end of the name designates that the cartridge is "rimmed".

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surplus rifle has an internal magazine and is most commonly chambered in 7.62x54r, which is both good and bad. The round and the rifle.

This Russian surplus ammunition is in great condition and comes sealed in its original 440 rd spam cans that it was placed in after being I was leery of running surplus ammo from a possibly dubious origin, but I was pleasantly surprised! Please click here for our current in stock specials on 7.62x54r!

7.62 x 54 Russian ammo (aka 7.62 x 54R) is a rimmed, bottle-necked, .30 caliber, rifle cartridge originally designed in 1891 for use by the Russian military in the Mosin-Nagant Model 91 bolt action rifle and it remained the standard Russian service cartridge through WWII. In addition, during WWI.

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