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Winchester 32 Special vs 30-30 Antique Winchester 32 Special 32 Remington Rifle Ammunition Winchester Lever Action 32 Winchester 32 Special Lever Action 32 Winchester Special Bullets Marlin 336 32 Special 1894 Winchester 32 Special Show just the results for 3-2 Win SPL Brass.

Shooting the bull: Reasons to reload your own ammo – 32 Special Model 94 Winchester, Uncle Bud’s vintage 28-gauge Fausti double.

Carefully crafted from premium brass cases, select primers and powders, these custom-loaded cartridges are the epitome of.

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.32 Caliber (.321) Reloading Bullets. A selection of the top brands of reloading bullets for .32 caliber catridges like the .32 Winchester Special and 8x50mmR Mannlicher. Buy .32 Caliber (.321) Bullets Reloading bullets on sale online at discount prices in our reloading supplies department.


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The same by using a 32 S & W short case in a 327 Federal magnum gun.

Recently Starline came out with 41 special brass which is nothing more than a shortened 41 mag. 41 mag and the new 41 special.

A rifle for the ages — the Winchester Model 1894 – 32 Winchester Special, a sweet little cartridge.

The rifle had always ejected the spent cartridge from the top of the receiver; this sent the brass straight up and usually over the shooter’s.

I traded by mail for some 30-30 brass (and got the short end of the trade, but that's another story, grumble grumble), and there were 6 pieces of .32 Winchester Special. 3 each of RP and FC. I know this is getting hard to find.

.35 Rem The Marlin 35 rem has some good recoil. If you check the other mechanical things and they are OK; then I suggest the lead sled is your problem. Lead sleds ALL cause the barrel to rise when fired, and slow moving heavy bullets like the 35 still have the bullet in the barrel. I watch

33 Winchester Special and .32 Winchester bullets, Paradis said.

Quantities of materials such as lead, brass, gun powder and liquid primer, a shell fluid used in making bullets, also have been.

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Reloading Showcase: .32 Winchester SpecialBrass By Caliber. 32 Win Spl. 32 Win Spl. Quick Links.

Taylor’s & Company 1873 Cattleman .32-20 Revolver Range Report & Review – 44 Special. One of the more popular and sought after of the Colt 1873 revolvers was chambered in .32 WCF (.32-20.

and since they are loaded with Winchester brass I found myself having some of the.

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Hi I have a model 94 in 32 win spl that I am trying to reload for. As everyone knows the 32 is all but dead and reloading data is hard to find. The only bullets out there are Speer or Hornady in 170gr. I have Speer and would like to try IMR 3031 and IMR 4064. I checked the Speer manual and loaded both powders in the middle of the load weight.

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Hi everyone! I have recently become the proud parent of a Marlin model 36 in 32 win. spl. and am rather curious. Also the supply of 32 spl brass in my area seems to have dried up. Can I form them from 30/30 cases without getting into.

32 Winchester Special fired from a lever-action rifle.

and the availability to get most models with either steel or brass receivers makes them stand out at the range or in the woods and conjures up.

The .32 Special is an easy cartridge to reload. Because Winchester lever action rifles lock at the rear of the bolt, it is generally recommended to full length resize cases. Hornady and Speer make 170 grain flat point bullets for the .32 Win. Special. The Speer 170 grain flat point bullet has a BC of .297, and a SD of .236.

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As I see it, and I'm a relative newbie at these old rifles and cartridges, if you chambered a rifle with a reamer that matched the profile of the 32-40, but was shortened to the length of a 30-30 case blown out to 32-40, it would be unwise to mark the barrel "32-40".